SWE Pony Tracks

May 15th


This weekend I let families know that fidgets and fidget spinners are no longer allowed on campus. Here is how we will guide our children:

1. If a student has one out, please ask them to put it away and leave it at home.

2. If the child brings it again, remind them that they are not allowed and to put it away and leave it at home. Contact the parent and let them know it needs to stay home. Let the parent know that the next time the child brings it, we will hold it for the parent to come and pick-up.

3. If a child brings it again, take it and let the parent know they have to come and pick it up from school.

4. After, that, it is a write-up.

If a parent says they were not notified, I let them know by the weekly call, a text, on our website, and in a parents' newsletter.


We will be working on summatives this week. Please make sure your PDP is completed. We will be calling for you at various times and may send a TA to cover if needed. Please make sure you have your NCEES log-in information handy and bring your computer when you come.

Roster Verification

This week we will complete roster verification with grades K-2. If you were absent during the process, please check with a colleague and complete your roster by Wednesday.


I understand that there were questions about whether or not we all had to provide for the volunteer brunch. Primarily, "I didn't have any volunteers in my room this year, do I have to bring something?" I invite any one of us to navigate this school year without volunteers running our book fairs, our Santa shop, coordinating our fall, and spring pictures, helping with our haunted house, chaperoning on our field trips, or any of the other countless ways these great folks make being a Pony so much better. We all benefit from the support of our amazing volunteers.
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The End at a Glance

It's The Final Countdown (go ahead and sing along!)

Monday 15

Excellence in Education Awards via Onslow View at SWH

Friday 19

EOY Benchmark Window Closes

1/2 of K to the Power of Play

Monday 29


Wednesday 31


JUNE: Thursday 1


2nd Grade Field Trip to the aquarium.

Friday 2

Online Science EOG Window

Monday-Wednesday 5-7


Fun Days times will be 8:45-11:00 and 12:30-2:45

Monday 5 K 8:45-11:00 and 1st grade 12:30-2:45

Tuesday 6 2nd grade 8:45-11:00 and 3rd grade 12:30-2:45

Wednesday 7 4th grade 8:45-11:00 and 5th grade 12:30-2:45

Monday 5

RTA Test for select third graders

Thursday 8

3rd Grade ELA Retest

Thursday 8 and 9 Friday

Fun Day Make-Up Date.

Friday 9

Last Day for Students/Report Cards

Monday 12


Student Class Placement cards due by end of day

Tuesday 13


8:30-11:30 PBIS

1-4 Staff Celebration: lunch is provided

Wednesday 14


Friday 23-Wednesday 28

ISTE Conference with Pinette and Jacobs