Acton Tiger Beat

Weekly Staff Update: September 16th, 2016

From The Principal's Desk

Great week everyone! You totally rocked the evacuation drill on Wednesday and the bus evacuation drills on Thursday. Thank you for your leadership and support.

Keep up with your PTC sign ups by sending out reminders to parents who have not yet signed up. If one does not have access to computers, you can plug them into an open slot.

It has been a slow start with our remediations and support groups, I know. I hear and feel your frustrations. I'm happy to announce that Shelby will be starting on Monday!! This means that we will be able to FINALLY start our new lunch duty coverage schedule and IA schedules as they are written. It will be very important that we are all staying on time with our curricular schedules, staying on schedule with our intervention schedules and are communicating with the IA team to ensure we have appropriate games and activities planned.

I hope you are excited as I am to welcome Shelby Gonzalez and Matt Nysewander and Shelby Gonzalez as I am. Shelby will be a great addition to our team and Matt will an AWESOME instructional leader for our school. He and I will meet to discuss his role at Acton and our goals.

Climate and Culture: Indicator #7 & 8

From PTO Today: The SUPER 5 section has tons of resources to help parents at school meetings.

From: Engaging Students With Poverty In Mind

Get students moving! Research shows a strong positive correlation between aerobic fitness and cognitive skills. In fact, physical exercise can increase the production of new brain cells, which is highly correlated with learning, mood, and memory. For that reason, make sure your students get at least 20 minutes of exercise daily through physical education or recess, and never withhold recess from students as punishment for misbehavior. If possible, hone students’ motor skills with agility challenges. All of these help to improve our students’ fine and gross motor skills and can strengthen focus and attention.

Suggestions: Simon Says, climbing in place, obstacle course, balance beam, Do the Wave, rhythm claps, cross-laterals, air swimming, and gallery walk critiques.

Curriculum and Instruction: Indicator #1,2&3

Dear Fellow Educators,

Now there are two great places to find ReadWorks. Check out the new ReadWorks Digital!

You’ll need to sign up for a free account (even if you already have a account). We recommend using the same email and password. Sign up by clicking on "I'm a Teacher" at

On ReadWorks Digital:

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Happy Teaching!

FTCSC DIBELS GOALS: Accuracy 85% and Fluency 80%

Technology: Indicator 5 &10

Below is the link to Nadine's video we tried to watch last Wednesday. Please review.

Acton Goals: Indicator #3 &10


Fluency 80%

Accuracy 85%

“Fluency does not guarantee comprehension, but lack of fluency guarantees almost all the time a lack of comprehension, especially with more complex texts.” ~ David Liben

(See Why Reading Fluency Should Be Hot article in shared drive)


Assessment Dates and Data: Indicator # 3,4 &5

Acuity (3rd&5th) and NWEA Pilot (4th) is going to be here before we know it. SEPTEMBER 12th-23rd NWEA & SEPTEMBER 12th-30th Acuity. See the testing schedule below.

I do know 4th will use the Chromebooks and 3rd and 5th will use BOTH labs.

K-2 teachers- lab usage will be very limited during the testing window.

Third and Fifth Grade Teachers- Please assist and review with one another on how to administer the tests.

Big image
Big image

Mark Your Calendars: Indicator #4 &5

Link below is to the running list of upcoming school events, assessment dates, important school happenings and district meetings. Please also continue to monitor the school master calendar in Outlook. We have updated a few dates. This Tuesday's Staff Meeting will now be Dr. Flora and Jill Britt.