A journey to find my heritage

Season of my choice

I feel the best time for me to travel to Germany would be during the fall when all of the most famous German activities are going on. Oktoberfest and many wine festivals occur in the fall.

My fellow travelers

The person I felt would be the best choice to take on my trip was my mom. I feel that my mom and I would be able to experience more things and make more memories than I could with anyone else.
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Most of my money will need to be saved in order for me to pay for my trip. The total cost for my whole trip is about $6,500. I estimated I will need to save for about a year to afford the whole trip.


My mom and I both will need passports in order to travel from America to Germany. We will have to get them a few months before our trip to ensure that they make it to us before we depart.


I will be staying in the Maritim Hotel in Munich. My hotel will cost $2,486 per person and that will be the total amount for the whole time we are there.


I will be traveling by plan to go from the U.S. to Germany and from Germany to the U.S. I have chosen to rent a car once I reach Germany so I will be able to travel to many different countries.
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The challenges I will face will have to deal with money and security. My money challenges will have to deal with rising food prices, while my security problems will have to deal with my safety due to many political related fights that occur.


Once I get to Germany my mom and I will buy a prepaid cell phone so we will be able to communicate with each other while we are in Germany in case we ever get separated.

Food and Drinks

My estimated cost for food in drink would be about $300 for me and my mom. That will be enough for us to explore many German restaurants and sample German beer and wine.

Language Barriers

I will have a definite language barrier because I don't speak any German. What I have chosen to do is pay for Rosetta Stone so I can learn the whole German language.