RM Weekly

Sept. 22, 2019

This Week at RM

Sept. 23
  • Fire Inspection 9:00a
  • SW in 3Y IEP 2:00p

Sept. 24

  • Family mtg for WL in 4B 8:45a
  • Staff mtg. 3:30p - Bring Strategies That Work book
  • 6th grade Strings concert at Trailridge 7p.

Sept. 25

  • Admin Mtg. CAA 8:30a-11:30a
  • Sped Dx Team Mtg. 12:15p
  • Planning mtg for SS in 1H 1:00p
  • Planning mtg for EL in 2M 1:30p
  • Planning mtg for JR in KN 2:00p
  • SIT mtg for EH in 1F 2:30p

Sept. 26

  • Picture Day
  • United Way Kickoff mtg. 4p at CAA

Sept. 27

  • KF IEP mtg 9:30a
  • 504 mtg for SB in 6B and 6M 2:20p

Battle of the Brains Competition

  • Competition sponsored by Burns & McDonnell for student teams to create a proposal for the next exhibit in Science City. Schools will have the chance to earn a piece of $155,000 in grants for STEM education
  • Sign up here: https://www.botbkc.com. PDF proposal and video must be uploaded by 5pm CT on Oct. 22.
  • Competition Packet

PriorityOne Health Center

An important reminder to share with your staff:

Scheduling appointments prior to arriving helps us ensure YOU are the priority!

At the PriorityOne Health Center, we're honored to accompany you on your journey to a healthier lifestyle. As we work with you, we want to make sure we have the proper time to give you the care you need. For that reason, we ask that you please schedule your appointment in advance, as the center has been receiving a large volume of walk-in visits which make it challenging to provide the level of service that we have committed to.

Scheduling an appointment prior to arriving allows us to best serve you and spend the appropriate amount of time addressing your specific health needs. This also helps alleviate wait time and deters any inconvenience to you and your fellow staff members. We will do our best to fit you in, and if a same-day appointment is not currently available, we will work to get you in as quickly as possible.

If you are not able to make a scheduled appointment, please also remember to reschedule or cancel as early as possible in order to allow someone else to use that time.

To schedule an appointment, visit my.marathon-health.com or call the center directly at 913-549-9970. For more information about the PriorityOne Health Center, visit http://bit.ly/PriorityOneHC.


Please remind staff that they have until September 27, 2019, to complete their annual network password change. Additional information can be found on the ICT Info page

Anti-Bullying Awareness Week Oct. 7-11

Theme: Choose Peace

KSDE will be forwarding information as we move closer to the week of celebration such as social media links, Twitter etc., but there are various resources listed below to help get the conversation started. Let me know what I can do to assist your building’s efforts.

-John McKinney

Field Trip Blackout Dates

I have been asked to bring to your attention the field trip blackout dates of April 15th & 16th, 2020. This is due to all buses being used for the Kansas State Music Festival for all our High Schools. You can find this information at the bottom of the field trip cost sheet.

I would also like to address some confusion we are having with the return time on the field trips. The field trip buses are to be unloaded and ready to leave the school by 2:15, but for that to happen they are requesting the buses plan to return to the school by 2:00.

Thank you!

Dana Gulick

Big picture

Shout Outs to…

  1. Annie Self was a pro at the chip kit routine after only meeting with her group 2 times! The students were engaged and completing the routine without hesitation. Students were isolating phonemes, moving chips to represent phonemes, and then attaching print to the sounds.
  2. 5th Grade team for reviewing student performance on an assessment and deciding to implement a quick distributive practice on a commonly missed math concept.
  3. Kindel Baxter and Ryan Wagoner for taking an ELA standard and determining the sequential skills (not explicitly identified in the standard) needed to meet the requirements of the standard.

MTSS take away

Switch it up a bit and replace the application problem with a number sense and reasoning routine such as “This or That? Or Would You Rather?”

Routine recommendations…

  1. Students work through the math mentally- no paper/pencil.
  2. 5-10 minutes at the beginning of class. SET A TIMER and don’t go beyond that time.
    1. 2 minutes for students to think independently.
    2. 1-2 minutes for partners to discuss. (Pro tip: keep partners the same for a week or so.)
    3. 3-5 minutes for the class to discuss. (Pro tip: NOT EVERY STUDENT or pair must share out loud)
  3. The routine is NOT about the RIGHT answer but the thinking to get there. Some of the routines don’t even have a right answer. It’s about getting a reasonable answer and justifying it.

“This or That” routine

Pose two values to compare. (Pictures are always great to use and provide context.)

Have students determine which they would select and why?


source: www.wouldyourathermath.com

source www.wouldyourathermath.com

For more information and resources to implement this routine, just ask! If you’d like to try a task together, let me know. I’m happy to help plan for a task, model a task, or work side-by-side to implement tasks in your classroom.

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