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How Social Media Works In Six Simple Steps...

what is social media?

If you really think about it, social media is like a personal diary that we share with the world. Social media is a way of communication. We can look back on what we posted and remember the good/bad times. We use social media for a lot of things, but mostly we use it to be heard. We use social media to state our opinions, to disagree with people, to share our likes and dislikes. We use social media to share our life’s, to inspire people and to encourage people. Social media is a way to get things off our minds when we don’t have someone to talk to in person.it is a way to stay connected with family when we are traveling or can’t be with them. Social media can help keep a long distance relationship going. Social media can be used for good or it can be used for the worst.

Social media is like a tattoo; an electric tattoo. Anything you write on social media sticks with you.it can never be deleted entirely. Even after you delete a post, you have to remember, it was publicly seen for at least a second. Which means it could be reposted, retweeted and seen by hundreds. What you post may not affect you now, but it is always there, waiting to haunt you.it may not hurt you today, or tomorrow, but it can hurt you in the future. What you post can cause you not to get a job.it can cause people to disrespect you completely. It can make even make the closest people to you, forget you even existed. So think before you post and be careful what you post, not everything needs to be posted. Remember, what we post says a lot about our character and what kind of person we are. So, are you using social media in a way that will benefit you? Instead of hurt you?

Official Coca-Cola "Big Game" Commercial 2014 - America Is Beautiful

In the feel-good commercial ‘’It’s Beautiful’’ (2014), Coca Cola, world famous soda company, sings ‘’America the Beautiful’ ’ alongside sweeping images of America’s landscape and its people. Coke creates and supports the image of America being made up of more than just one culture. Singing America’s national anthem in eight different languages, they express and encourage you to except the diversity in America today. Coke opens and closes their ad by targeting patriots and unprofessional bigots, whom they address in an unobjectionable and empowering tone.