From the Desk of Dr. Nichols

Eastover Elementary Updates- Weeks of Feb. 15 & Feb. 22

Important Dates:

-Feb. 15- Snow Day ***Make-up day: Fri. May 27th (school is in session for staff/students)

-Feb. 24-25-3rd 9 wks Progress Reports sent home

-Feb. 25-2nd Grade Chorus Performance (6pm/Auditorium)

-Mar. 1st- Early Dismissal for all students at 1:15pm (2 hrs early due to ACT testing at high schools)

-Mar 1-March 24--MAP Testing (K-5)

-Mar. 25-Apr. 1- CMS Spring Break (no school for students)

Congratulations to our Teacher of the Year--Miss Kristy Hill!!!

A BIG congratulations to our teacher of the year, Miss Kristy Hill. Miss Hill was nominated by her peers at school for this honor due to her amazing hard work and dedication to staff and students. We are thrilled to have her representing us this year!!!

A BIG Eastover Welcome to.....

Please join me in saying Welcome, well Welcome back! to Ms. Susan Niday. Ms. Niday is back at Eastover joining our VI program as a VI Teacher Assistant. We’re so glad to have her here!!

Also, Ms. Conyers’ last day is Tuesday, Feb. 23rd and I am happy to share that Mr. Kevin Paige will be joining the admin team while she is on maternity leave (2/24-5/31). Mr. Paige is no stranger to Eastover—he began his teaching career here over 30 years ago and has been an AP, Principal, Executive Director, and Title I Director for CMS. We’re so excited to have him with us!!


On March 1st, we will dismiss at 1:15pm. This is necessary so that our teachers can participate in professional development workshops.

Our school will open at our normal start time of 8:15am and lunch will be provided. Our buses will complete the end-of-day routes and parents/guardians will be able to pick up students who are car riders. We ask that you be in the car rider line no later than 1:00pm. We also ask that you notify day-care providers or other appropriate parties of the early dismissal.

If your student is currently enrolled in an After School Enrichment Program there is no need to take action. If you need after school assistance for March 1st, please contact the ASEP site coordinator at 980-343-5505 or the ASEP department at 980-343-5567 two weeks prior to March 1st to make payment arrangements. This assistance will be provided on a first come, first serve basis.

Again the early release time will allow our teachers to take part in workshops that will help strengthen their knowledge and skills. This professional development will go a long way toward bringing additional value to your student’s learning experience during this school year.

If you have questions, please contact us at 980-343-5505.

Dr. Nichols' Golden Ticket Winners (Jan/Feb)--Luncheon 3/4/16

Congratulations to the following staff members and students on being nominated for going the extra mile in being a STAR staff member or student.

Here are the winners:

-Eastover Staff & Student Nominees & Winners—January/Feb 2016 (Celebration 3/4/16)

-Certified Staff Members: Dr. Betler, Ms. Butler, Ms. Cooper, Ms. Crawley, Ms. Hutchison, Ms. Holmes, Ms. Jeffries, Ms. Moody, Mr. Scotland, Ms. Sheff, Mr. Sprankle

-Support Staff Members: Ms. Bender, Ms. Berry, Ms. Conyers, Ms. Diebolt, Ms. Edwards, Ms. Johnson, Mr. McNeil, Ms. Means, Ms. Welch

-Students: Kindergarten: Alexis B., Watson H., Ben P. Shea R.; 1st grade: Max J., Taylor P., Thomas P., Madison S.; 2nd grade: Lili N., Karsyn S.; 3rd grade: Daniel B., Skip M., Caroline M.; 4th grade: Charlotte B., Austin H., Liza M., Khamari M., Mason S.; 5th grade: Chance C., Mekhi G., Annie L., Dylan McC.

Eagle Eye Student Newspaper--February 2016 Edition

Please click the link below to access this month's newspaper:

Symbaloo Log-in Information

Here is the information from Ms. Diebolt:


Password: eagles#1

CMS Student Assignment Survey--Parent Feedback Requested

The CMS School Board is seeking input from parents, CMS employees and other Mecklenburg County residents to help inform how CMS students are assigned to schools.

The survey is designed to gain valuable feedback on what’s important to community members when considering their child’s education or public education overall.

The survey is part of the Board’s comprehensive student assignment review process which started in February 2015 and is expected to continue throughout the year.

Survey results will be used to inform any changes to the district’s student assignment plan, which would take effect in the 2017-2018 school year.

The success of our public schools impacts all of us. That’s why we want anyone interested in the success of our public schools – people across all areas of our county -- to participate in the survey.

Survey details:

Opens on Friday, Jan. 29, and closes Feb. 22, 2016.

The online survey can be taken on any computer or mobile device. Simply go to the CMS website at and click on the Student Assignment Survey link at the top of the homepage. You can also access the survey on any school website.

The online survey can be taken in English or Spanish.

Paper copies in English or Spanish will also be available at every CMS school front office and the Smith Family Center.

Individual paper copies in other languages will be made available upon request.

Student Reassignment Plan Forum - Mon. Feb 22nd at 6:00 pm - Myers Park Baptist Church

A public forum to discuss the student reassignment plan will be held on Monday, February 22 at Myers Park Baptist Church from 6-7:30 pm in Heaton Hall.

The forum will be led by Eric Davis, our school board representative for District 5 (and other school board members, schedules permitting). In addition to Mr. Davis speaking and answering questions, there will be small group break outs to discuss what's working and what's not, what your visions are for student assignment and to ask additional questions.

This will be a great opportunity for parents and community members in District 5 to have questions answered and to share feedback about this important process.

Download the CMS Mobile App

As winter weather approaches, now is the perfect time to download the CMS mobile app on your Apple or Android device. The app makes it easy to receive weather-related updates and access the latest CMS news, calendars and more anytime, anywhere. Visit

Cooler Weather/School Uniform Reminder-

Please don’t forget with the cooler weather—students need to be in uniform with their navy blue or white jackets/sweaters during instructional time in the classroom (8:15am-3:15pm).

School Safety Reminders

-Doors are locked all day (buzz-in entry only)—please press button to right of main entrance for assistance

-Checking out students---please try to check out students by 2:45pm each day. This helps ensure that our dismissal processes flow smoothly and ALL students are accounted for and arrive home safely!!

-Photo ID--Remember to bring your photo ID (school visits/student check-ins and check-outs)

-PM Transportation Changes-Please provide your child’s teacher with a written note for any afternoon transportation changes

-Reminders about lunchtime visits:

-please remember to only have lunch with your student/child

-once lunch is over, please say your goodbyes in the cafeteria in order for the class to leave the cafeteria on time in order to start instruction back up quickly in his/her classroom

Are you a CMS Registered Volunteer?

If you are an Eastover volunteer, or simply coming frequently for lunch with your child, you need to be a Registered CMS Volunteer. Click below to get registered. If you've already registered in a previous year, simply login and confirm your information.

Grade Level News (Weeks of 2/15 and 2/22)


-Literacy Theme: Literacy Theme: President's Day- Letter Name and Sounds (Long vowels, CVC Words CVCe words, Review letter sounds, Medial sounds), high frequency words: where, help; and continuing the use of Daily 5.

-Math Unit: Make a Shape, Build a Block- Students develop language to describe and compare 2D shapes and their attributes and relate 2D shapes to real world objects.

-Science Unit: Shadows and Clouds-Students will conduct research on how the sun and clouds create shadows.

-Social Studies: President's Day and Black History Lessons

-Writing: Launching Writer's Workshop- We Are All Writers: How To Writing- Students continue work to write about what they know, use of mentor texts, and correct formation of upper and lower case letters.

-Health: Second Step Curriculum (taught by School Counselor)

1st grade:

-Literacy: Launching Reader's Workshop--Students continue to work on their reading comprehension skills, practicing their fluency, and also reviewing elements of fiction.

-Math: How many of each? Students will review skills already taught in time telling, problem solving, and measurement with review questions and stations (varies with each teacher). Students will also learn how to add in addition number sentences and will be introduced to rules +0, +1, and +2.

-Science: Solar System--Students will be able to identify the sun and the moon in the sky and will also begin learning about planets in our solar system.

-Soc. Studies:NA

-Writing: Launching Writer’s Workshop- Narrative Writing- Students will continue their writing in order to persuade individually on their own topics or whole class topics. Students will continue the writing process using thinking, planning, writing, and final copies. Students will begin the proof reading process.

-Health- Feelings/Safety-Taught via School Counselor (Second Step Curriculum)

2nd grade:

-Literacy: Character Traits-Students will be able to: infer multiple character traits by tracking characters actions over time, predict characters actions by considering their character traits and their motivations, predict how characters will respond to challenges by using past evidence, and predict characters actions by using what we know from other texts.

-Math: Measurement and Data Analysis--Students will work on: grouping data into categories based on similar attributes, sort the same data in various ways, measure using non-standard units of measurements and standard units of measurement, measure using the metric system, compare two lengths, use direct and indirect comparison to identify equal lengths, and identify strategies for accurate measurement.

-Science: Unit on Sound--Students will learn what sound is and how it is created. Students will be able to show their knowledge of pitch and volume by creating posters with a partner.

-Soc. Studies: NA

-Writing: Research Writing--Students will research a historical African American figure and will take the entire piece of writing through the writing process

-Health: Completed with School Counselor

3rd grade:

-Literacy: Literacy Theme-Close Reading: Students will practice close reading strategies (use of the RACE strategy to respond to reading) and present nonfiction book project.

-Math: Fractions-Students will understand the meaning of fractions as equal parts of a whole, use representations to combine fractions, and then use representations to combine fractions that sum to 1.
-Science: Solar System- Students will recognize that the earth is part of a system called the solar system that includes the sun (a star).

-Soc. Studies: Government/Civics Unit: Students will finish their work on understanding the development, structure, and functions of local government. (Focus on federal, state and local governments and what their purpose is in our community. This includes the foundations of our government, 3 branches, and government processes. Students will explore our government through project-based learning.)

-Writing: Poetry Unit- Students will begin poetry unit and will work on using figurative language, poetry structure and specific word/phrases to create a mood or tone. Students will present their nonfiction text project (joint Reading & Writing project)

-Health- Students will be able to understand healthy and effective interpersonal communication and relationships. Students will be able to summarize qualities and benefits of a healthy relationship.

4th grade:

Literacy: Literacy Theme Cycle 4 2/1 - 3/18 (Literary Selection this week: Chicken Sunday

By: Patricia Polacco) Students will: describe in depth a character, setting, or event in a story or drama, drawing on specific details in the text (e.g., a character’s thoughts, words, or actions.); determine the meaning of words and phrases as they are used in a text, including those that allude to significant characters found in mythology (e.g., Herculean); and compare and contrast the point of view from which different stories are narrated including the difference between first - and third- person narrations.

Math: Fractions Unit- Students will: compare fractions to whole numbers and other fractions, add and subtract mixed numbers with like denominators, and demonstrate knowledge of learned material by complete Cycle 3 test.

Science: Energy--Students will continue the work to recognize the basic forms of energy (light, sound, heat,electrical and magnetic) as the ability to cause motion or create charge.

Soc. Studies: Students will explore the Civil War and the role North Carolina played in the Civil War. Students will describe how communication and transportation in North Carolina has changed over time.

Writing: Students will continue to write narratives to develop real or imagined experiences. They will produce clear and coherent writing. Students will demonstrate command of the conventions of the standard English grammar and usage while writing (Continue working on Mini Task #2).

Health: Identifying Emotions-Students will describe what triggers their own strong emotions and demonstrate the ability to interrupt escalating emotions.

5th grade:

Literacy: Historical Fiction and Nonfiction-Students will have a Character Perspective Review: (going over quiz from Friday)

-First Person, Second Person, Third Person Limited, Third Person Omniscient

-Reading workshop books and answering text dependent questions based on character perspective

-Conferences with Ms. R to discuss new MAP goals (Fall to Winter progress + new goal for next MAP test)

Math: Fractions: Students will continue work on fractions this week (multiply whole numbers and fractions, multiply fractions by fractions, multiply mixed numbers/word problems).

Science: Weather vs. Climate-Students continue to learn about weather and climate (Weather/Air pressure: effects on weather and climate, types of fronts: cold, warm, occluded, stationary)

Soc. Studies: Colonial America- Students will begin an introduction to the American Revolution (tensions grow between colonies and England, working on wax museum characters)

Writing: Students will participate in Wax Museum Research with Graphic Organizer using at least three reliable sources and then begin phases of writing the personal narrative.

Health: Second Step Lessons (Emotions Management)


Music-Chorus Club--Tuesdays (7:45am-8:30am--Auditorium)

PE-Hockey Unit--K-2 and 3-5 (Introduction to Basic Hitting Skills/Hockey). Please wear tennis shoes on PE days--thank you!

Tech- K and 1st: Compass Learning, 2nd grade: Using Google to do WebQuests, 3rd grade: New Math game, Prodigy ( students have log-ins so they can play at home. 4th grade: Project on states, and 5th grade: Round Robin Stories

Media- For immediate updates this week, please contact Ms. O'Neal: (

Art- For immediate updates this week, please contact Mr. Clifford: (