Tabernacle In Action

Week of September 8, 2015

Celebrating the Work!

Zooming in on instruction has been a major focus of work during this past week. Last week I challenged each of you to focus on the preparation of the lesson. As we monitored expectations this week, Mrs. Holden and I collected some data. This is what we found:

100% of Class Schedules were posted outside the doors

70% of Lesson Plans were easily accessible near the door or on the teacher desk

89% of "I Can" Statements were posted for all content areas

Let's strive this week to reach 100% in all areas! Let me know how I can support!

Leader Board

Mrs. Dyles and her students were on the carpet meeting in whole group. The Teacher Assistant left the room to go and receive a new student. Before the new student walked in the room, she stopped what she was doing and began discussing with her students that they were going to be getting a new friend. She used the anchor chart pictured below to illustrate how they felt the first couple of days of school. The students began to share their feelings when they arrived at Tabernacle only a few short days ago. This helped them understand how their new friend may feel when joining the class in a few short moments. This was a GREAT use of an anchor chart in creating a warm and welcoming classroom community. Way to go Mrs. Dyles!
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Lesson Plan Tips: Checking for Understanding

Lesson Planning Tips: Quick Formative Assessments

Edutopia Article: 53 Ways to Check for Understanding (click here)

There's an APP for That!

Tier 1: A Continued Focus on Active Engagement

Teaching Channel Video Keep It or Junk It: A Strategy for Analyzing Text (click here)

Dates to Remember

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Grade Level PLCs meet together to review the SMORE Newsletter and resources. The Instructional Leadership Team will not be meeting with your team.

Certified Staff Meeting 2:55 pm Media Center (Assistants will be needed to cover the front lobby for car rider dismissal)

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

3rd Grade BOG will be administered

Friday, September 10, 2015

Grade Level Data Meetings during Plan Time