Pollen and Spore Examination

Jacob Brown and Lauren Morgan

Words you need to know..

Pollen - They contain the male gametes of seed plants.

Spores - It is found in certain protists, algae, plants and fungi.

Palynology - A specialized field that studies pollen and spore evidence.

Pollen Fingerprint - The number and type of pollen grains found in a geographic area at a particular time of year.

What can this tell us?

Pollen and Spores can determine if the body was moved, the crime's location or the season.

Gymnosperm vs Angiosperm


  • Oldest seed plants
  • Conifers are the largest group
  • Seeds are hard, scaly structures called cones
  • Male cones pollinate and female cones
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  • Most recent plant group to evolve
  • Seeds are enclosed fruit
  • Very diverse group
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Types of Pollination

Pollination - The transfer of pollen from the male part of a plant to the female part of a seed plant.

Self-pollination - Pollen transfers from an anther to the stigma within the same flower, as in pea plants.

Cross-pollination - Pollen transfer between two distinct plants.

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Spore Producers

  • Bacteria
  • Plants
  • Fungi
  • Algae

Parts of a Flower

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