Superintendent Update

St. Landry Parish School Board

May 22, 2017

Upcoming Events

Krotz Springs Elementary Awards Day Program

Krotz Springs Elementary will be having their Awards Day Program on Monday, May 22nd.

Awards Day Program Schedule

Pre-K (8:15 – 9:15)

Kindergarten (9:40 – 10:40)

8th Grade (11:30 – 12:30)

1st-7th Grades (1:30 – 2:30)

Leonville Elementary Awards Day Program

Location: School’s Gym

Athletic Awards – May 23rd 6:00pm

8th Grade Awards – May 23rd 7:00pm

Kindergarten Awards – May 24th 9:00am

1st – 3rd Grade Awards – May 24th 1:15pm

4th – 7th Grade Award – May 24th 10:30am

Lawtell Elementary Kindergarten Registration

Date: May 22nd & 23rd

Time: 8:00 A.M. – 1:30 P.M.

Required Documents: Birth Certificate, Social Security Card, Immunization Record, and Proof of Residency.

Around Campus

Beau Chene

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Brent Boudreaux was recognized for his contributions to CTEd for St Landry.

East Elementary School

Living History Project

Mrs. Jennifer Storey's 5th-grade students participated in a Living History Project. Each student had to research and present information about a famous person in history. Mrs. Storey's class partnered with Mr. Coco's 6th grade Social Studies class. Students in Mr. Coco's class had to guess the name of the person in history based on the information provided in the presentation. Parents were invited to attend.

EAST ELEMENTARY - Accelerated Reader Awards

The kindergarten classes at East Elementary recently attended a wedding for the letters "Q" and "U". As part of their lessons on the alphabet, the students participated in the wedding ceremony uniting "Ms. Q" and "Mr. U" as they join and work together to form words. The wedding included music by Pat Dossman and Dwight Jodon. The female Kindergarten students served as bride's maids and were escorted by male kindergarten students, and carried roses donated by Petals and Pots Flower Shop. Wedding guests were served wedding cake homemade by Crystal Clark and Mindy Jack. Officiating wedding services was East Elementary's lead Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Joy Jodon. Mrs. Johnette Bischoff and Mrs. Angela Williams, also kindergarten teachers, served as ushers.

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EAST ELEMENTARY - April Students of the Month

Eunice Career & Technical Education

Eunice Elementary

Eunice Elementary Kindergarten students visited Eunice City Hall. They got to meet with Eunice Mayor, Scott Fontenot and Eunice City Judge, Terry Hoychick. The students also received a short gun safety training from City Marshall, Terry Darbonne.

Eunice High School

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Coach Mclemore of EHS students' who earned IBC in SP/2.

Eunice Jr. High School

The Social Studies Club from Eunice Junior High School traveled to New Orleans on Thursday, May 11. They took a tour of the Natchez Steamboat where they were able to tour the boat and the engine room while talking the Captain. After the tour, the group took a guided tour/cruise along the Mississippi River. The cruise included a jazz band and a catered lunch. The students were then able to visit Jackson Square to take in the local culture, artists, and architecture of New Orleans.

The Social Studies club is sponsored by Kathy Bollich, Johnette Pitre, and Brittany Ardoin.

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Eunice Junior High School attended the St Landry Parish Fitness Rally with the following students (left to right): Aaliyah Warren (7th), Zakayla Citizen (8th), Devonte' Poullard (7th) and Jeoul Hill (8th).

The Eunice Junior High School band traveled to Nichols State University on Friday, May 12 to compete at the State level. They earned a Sweepstakes on the state level which is the highest award a band can earn. This is the 4th year the EJHS band has earned this distinction.

The band is under the direction of Mr. Lawrence Sassau.

Band members include: Kadence Babb, Karson Brown, Sarah Faul, Allison Freeman, Madison Freeman, Fredrick Guillory, Mckenzie Guillory, Hasia Jack, Cicelee Jones, Kylee Jumonville, Tony Kennedy, Tiyana Lee, Jahiem Mitchell, Allysa Ogea, Felisa Palmer, Maleki Pierson, Rebekah Ryder, Trissidy Semien, Terrance Shilow, Isaac Slocum, and Kelly Sonnier.

Glendale Elementary

3rd-grade students from Glendale Elementary recently took a field trip to the Planetarium in Lafayette. The students were recently studying about the Solar System and this was a great way for the students to incorporate what they have learned.

Stephen Brown, a student at Glendale Elementary, was recently presented with the VFW Award for Historical Event Drawing. Congratulations Stephen!

Grand Prairie Elementary

Mrs. McCauley brought her pig to school to show the kindergarteners.
1st grade students have a paint party!

3rd graders take a field trip to the St. Landry Parish Landfill

Krotz Springs Elementary


Our club received the “SUPERIOR 4H CLUB” award from the St. Landry Parish Extension Office! This is the highest club award that can be obtained based on member participation and awards won throughout the 2016-2017 school year!

5th-grade students were awarded Math Achievement certificates in recognition of all their hard work throughout the school year.

Leonville Elementary

St. Landry Parish DARE Writing Competition Winner – Adam Guidry 5th Grader at Leonville Elementary
Leonville Elementary Pre-K Graduation - Awards Program.


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MACA Senior Banquet

Academic Excellence Awards

Sean Briley, Ashley Grayson, Victoria Latiolais

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Magnet Academy for Cultural Arts Senior Banquet,

Seniors performing their Pep Rally Mashup as the Banquet Finale

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Junior Ring Ceremony

Juniors receiving their rings from Principal, Ms. Karen Olivier.

MACA Senior Banquet

Creative Writing Senior Poem – “One Day”

MACA Senior Banquet

The following students were recognized for their two years of service with Hope for Opelousas (Left to Right):

Lashae Duplechain, A’kilah Ponder, Peyton Haynes, Keylee Boone, and Sara Adams

Magnet Academy for Cultural Arts – Spring Dance Concert, “A Louisiana Portrait”

Magnet Academy for Cultural Arts – Spring Choral Concert

MACA Theater Showcase

Finale – Trolls Theme Song, “Can’t Stop the Feeling”

MACA Theater Showcase

“The Doctor Skit”

MACA Theater Showcase

“The Local Gangsters” Skit

Spring Concert – Dance Department

North Central High School

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The boys' basketball team treated the faculty and staff at North Central High School to breakfast for teacher appreciation week.

Northeast Elementary School

Northeast Elementary 3rd-5th grade Honors Program was held on Wednesday, May 17, 2017, at 9:30 in the cafeteria. Mr. Earl Singleton, the motivational speaker, spoke to the students.

Dillan Stephens and Kennedy Lamb participated in the St. Landry Fitness Rally. Dillan Stephens placed first overall and Kennedy placed 3rd overall.

Northwest High School

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Opelousas High School

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1st Photo Class of 2018 at ring ceremony

2nd photo Marlon Young signs the Pledge to Graduate Board.

OHS Campus News/Senior Nite

Opelousas Jr. High School

Join Opelousas Jr. High School in congratulating Mr. Eric Berken and his 7th graders for winning the Read to Succeed2 contest! In recognition of this accomplishment, Mr. Berken was awarded a Gift of Literacy card to present to a student for his or her remarkable reading gains. We applaud Mr. Berken for his outstanding contribution to the success of our students at OJHS.

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Park Vista Elementary

A luncheon was given to select teachers of St. Landry Parish on Tuesday, May 16, 2017. It was sponsored by the Rotary Club.

The teachers were acknowledged for their commitment and dedication to the profession: seasoned teachers and newbies were able to enjoy a meal away from the tasty repasts of their school cafeterias.

Superintendent Jenkins addressed the audience and even took photos with the teachers.

Ms. Matte, a former UL-L student, made observations in Ms. Boutte's class at her previous school (Creswell Elem.). She and Ms. Boutte are both teachers at Park Vista Elementary.

Walk of Fame

Park Vista Elementary welcomed all 2017 graduates who could attend the "Walk of Fame" to receive praise and congratulatory words of recognition and encouragement as each would embark on future educational endeavors.

Administrators, teachers, and students clapped, whistled, and gave shout-outs to the 2017 graduating class of high school seniors.

Some of the Seniors that were among the crowd were graduates of Opelousas Catholic, Opelousas High School, Lafayette High, and MACA.

With twenty-seven years of being the Principal of Park Vista Elementary, Mr. Joubert has proclaimed that several high school graduates who established their foundation at his school have continued to flourish as good citizens and remarkable individuals that chose career professions that "[took] care of Mr. Joubert." *wink*

We wish all the graduating seniors a lot of success. Congratulations!

A Memorable Way to End the School Year

Every year, the students in Ms. Boutte's class have a writing assignment that instructs them to develop a writing critique (a meaningful and descriptive review) of a food item(s) of choice from a local eatery.
Students then reach out to the establishment's managers and work staff through handwritten letters that are either delivered by Ms. Boutte or sent through the United States Postal Service.
Students also use technology: post reviews on sites like YELP! (per parental consent).

This year, Ms. Boutte decided to reach out to KLFY’s Gerald Gruenig to give the students that she teaches the opportunity to showcase their abilities to use language creatively and present a type of showmanship that only could be modeled by the best mentor of them all: Gerald Gruenig.

, Ms. Boutte had students audition to be Gerald's protege' on one of his Acadiana Eats tours; however, allowing all of the students to meet-and-greet Gerald became the ultimate experience for her students. The only way Ms. Boutte figured the lesson would work out the way she intended was to contact the Creole Cousins (Vanessa Lewis and Hilda Elliott-Brooks). She garnered help from her students. The students read the featured article about the Creole Cousins in the April 12th Daily World newspaper. Her writing students wrote personable letters that gave the Creole Cousins the reasons each student wanted them to cater to the class. Students also had to quote/cite the most interesting statements that the ladies mentioned on their front-cover feature.

After receiving and reading the students' letters, Ms. Vanessa Lewis and Mrs. Hilda Elliot-Brooks did not hesitate to come through to their community's youth. The Creole Cousins are charismatic ladies with a passion for cooking and keeping the traditional Creole Cooking Style alive-and-thriving in southern Louisiana. The ladies left the students well-satiated and gave them food for thought, too, as Ms. Vanessa mentioned that altering recipes may be necessary to prepare meals that are healthy for individuals who may have allergens to different products.

On Tuesday, May 16, 2017, Gerald arrived at Park Vista Elementary at 7:50 A.M. where he was greeted by his personal entourage of fourth-graders. The students were very excited to see Gerald, and it was important for the students to see the type of networking that can be developed between people for an educational cause/a good cause.

Gerald was asked questions that ranged from his considerably varied palate to a concern for his fiancee. The students inquired just enough to determine his true character: he was asked if he was going to bring a plate back for his future wife. With his response, it was clear to everyone that Gerald is both a stellar reporter out in the field with the different people he interviewed, and he is also a considerate person to the one he loved: he is a gentleman, too.

Parents supported their children and were in the audience during this memorable event. The administrators made their end-of-the-year walk-through in Ms. Boutte's room.

Thank you, Gerald Gruenig of KLFY and Creole Cousins Vanessa Lewis and Hilda Elliot-Brooks!
You are the most inspiring individuals, ever!

St. Landry Parish Writing Contest

In grades 3-6th, Park Vista Elementary had students place at each grade level for the writing contest.

Jonas Darbonne came in at the eighth place in third grade with his ELA Teacher Mrs. Reed at his side. Fourth-grader Lilly Richard reigned supreme writer in first place as she had a great year with her homeroom Reading Teacher Mrs. Morrow and her Writing Teacher Ms. Boutte. Mrs. Grossie's wonderfully creative writer Aaron Jack placed second. Aaron's bewilderment of his writing capabilities was a remarkable reaction for his teacher to witness. Mrs. Joubert's student Cadence Prudhomme placed third as a fifth-grade contestant. Student-of-the-Year Asya Jordan, Mrs. Morrow's ELA student placed eighth in fifth-grade, too. Mrs. Carrier was delighted when she was told that her sixth-grader Sabrina Dupre came out on top in first place. Sixth-grader Bradley Stalnaker made his ELA Teacher Ms. Stuart swell with pride with his placement (tenth) and acknowledgment of creativity in his writing.

Congratulations students! #Effective

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On Saturday, May 13, 2017, Mrs. Stalnaker, Mr. Ousmane, Mr. Abocar, Mr. Boubarcar, Mrs. Didier, and a host of other teachers from Park Vista Elementary spent four hours of their time to share fellowship with the Francophone Community.

Mrs. Stalnaker's data from the check-in station noted 233 attendees from 8 major schools including Park Vista Elem. Other visiting elementary schools were North Lewis, Myrtle Place, Cecelia, Teche, Prairie, Westdale, and FLAIM. Families came in from Baton Rouge, Lake Charles, New Orleans, Lafayette, Cecelia, Breaux Bridge and Bunkie.

Park Vista Elementary was the designated location to host the LDOE and CODOFIL French Teacher contract signings. Senator Eric Lafleur was in attendance, as was the president of CODOFIL Charles Larroque. Our liaison Jean Robert Frigault, and a representative from the French Consulate were the other dignitaries found at Park Vista on May 12th.

Mrs. Stalnaker and the French Immersion Division of Park Vista Elem. were honored to welcome the UL French Club and two UL professors as judges, too.

Students competed in a variety of activities: Spelling Bees and Talent Competitions. Cajun and Creole musicians were present, and there was even a portrait artist. Jill Hackney from Baton Rouge wondered the youth and adults with her gift of art.

Former French Teacher Ms. Courville came to Park Vista Elem. to offer her service as a judge.
Mrs. Didier-Stoehr danced with the students until the musicians got tired of playing.
Ms. Matte and Mrs. Melancon sold dollar raffles.
The administration mingled with the guests and supported their faculty during the event.
It was a great time!

Port Barre Elementary

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Southwest Elemetary

Types of Leaves Activity—Older project located so we took a picture with it before filing it in the folders.
21st Century After School Tutoring Program: Students reading using myON

Southwest Elementary: 21st Century After School Tutoring Program

Chinese New Year Fish Project:

The children learned about the Chinese New Year and Ms. E. Williams read a book to them. After that, Ms. E. Williams’ and Ms. L. Miller’s class partnered with Mrs. P. Colligan’s class for the project.

Sunset Middle School

Living History Project

Mrs. Jennifer Storey's 5th-grade students participated in a Living History Project. Each student had to research and present information about a famous person in history. Mrs. Storey's class partnered with Mr. Coco's 6th grade Social Studies class. Students in Mr. Coco's class had to guess the name of the person in history based on the information provided in the presentation. Parents were invited to attend.

8th grade Field Trip to Galveston, TX - Moody Gardens and Pleasure Pier

Sponsored by Ms. K. Guilbeau, 8th Grade ELA Teacher

Washington Career & Technical Education

District Wide Events

Writing Contest Winners

Math Contest Winners

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Andrepont Printing Donates a Banner to St. Landry Parish School Board

We would like to thank Andrepont Printing for donating the step and repeat banner shown in the picture below. This banner will be used as a picture background at events honoring our student, faculty, and staff achievements. We truly appreciate our local business supporters!
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