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AzMerit Testing Dates & Links

Happy Monday Families,

It's that time of year, testing season. This year your 3rd grader will be taking the AzMerit Test. Attached is a link with practice tests and information. I know many of you have questions.

These tests are all computer based and will be completed on laptops. We have been practicing typing and computer skills in class for a few months now. The students have been doing a great job! They seem very comfortable with the laptops.

Please encourage your child to do their BEST on the test! Make sure they get good rest and have a healthy breakfast on testing days. It will make a huge difference. I know the kids are going to do a great job.

AzMERIT Information:

Practice Test Links: Please click on the right for sample tests.

Test schedule for AzMERIT:

4/7: Writing

4/21: Reading and Math 1

4/28: Reading and Math 2

Field Trip

A reminder that our field trip to Hohokam Stadium is on Wednesday, 3/30. Please insure that your child has a sack lunch unless otherwise indicated on the field trip form, sun screen on, and has had a healthy breakfast. Our lunch will be at 11:00 but I am unsure if there will be a snack which is why breakfast is necessary.

If you have been contacted to be a volunteer, please be here no later than 9:00. I will be assigning a group of five kids to you. It will be important that I have time to give you the necessary information about the trip beforehand. Thank you in advance!

Parent Requests

Many of you have asked about teacher request which begins next Friday, April 1st. The teacher request will be online and can be found on the Zaharis homepage under student placement. I would encourage you if you do plan on requesting to think about the teaching style you'd like for your child. Your comments and request will be read by the 3rd grade team along with Mr. Oliver. If you are not sure which teacher is a good match, please know that I will place the children carefully and with great thought as to what is best for him/her.

Please keep in mind, that we will need to make sure that we balance classrooms according to boys and girls, ability levels, behavioral concerns, special needs, and separating children where necessary, to create the most favorable learning conditions possible. This may mean that in some circumstances, you may not get your first choice but possible your second choice teacher. The 4th grade team is wonderful and I'm excited for all the kids in our class as they move into 4th Grade. I hope that helps explain the process! :)