Suicide In Young Adults

The Problem Plaguing Our Teens

1 in 5 teens considers suicide as a possible option and 1,700 die each year.

What's It About?

In the article, "The Sad Truths Of Teen Suicide," Janice Shaw Crouse tells of the statistics and logistics of teen suicide. In the article, subjects such as why teens do these things all the way to possible warning signs of a teen thinking of suicide are discussed. As well as the differences between what drives a boy or a girl to commit acts of self harm. The teenagers environment is also a very strong subject in the article as it has very much influence on the outcome of the teens thoughts.

What's the outcome and what needs to change?

If things keep continuing to grow and evolve as they have many more teens will lose their lives by suffering from depression and other ill forms of torture. Many things need to change to fix this global pandemic but things will not happen overnight. Families should look to bond and connect with their children more, they should strive to be more intact and involved in their teens lives. Just think of how many lives could be saved by only changing one thing. The time is coming, change is afoot. How will you be involved in this effort?
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