The Shining

By: Stephen King


The Plot of the book is Jack Torrance his wife Wendy and their five year old son Danny move into a the Overlook hotel after Jack accepts to be the winter caretaker. At the hotel their son has visions and see's spirits around the hotel. The hotel tries to posses Danny but can't so instead possess's his Father Jack.


The climax of the story is when Jack Torrance goes insane and goes around the hotel looking to murder his son and wife.


The resolution is the summer after the events and the man who saved Danny is comforting him from losing his father.

Favorite Character

My favorite Character is Jack Torrance, I like the internal conflict he has when he goes back to drinking and hears voices in his head.


The theme of The Shinning is Family. The family is trying to become stronger by moving into the hotel again but it ends up literally tearing them apart. Even when Danny's father is trying to kill him he still loves him knowing it's not really him