Foundation 2 News

Friday 14th March 2014

This week in F2 we...

  • enjoyed sharing our Learning Journey books with our mums and dads
  • finished activities based on the story 'No Dinner!'
  • created story maps and story strips to sequence the main elements from the story
  • identified the digraphs sh, ch and th in words and blended some of our own
  • watched some of our friends' Puppet Pals shows on the big screen

This week's award winners

Next week we will...

  • start looking at a new book 'My granny went to market' by Stella Blackstone and Christopher Corr
  • think about different countries from around the world and complete some crafts with an international theme
  • look at 3D, solid shapes and use the following vocabulary - cube, cuboid, pyramid, sphere, solid, flat, half, quarter

More independence

From next Monday, we would like you to say your 'goodbyes' to your children at the top of the F2 ramp. The coat area inside the Amethyst classroom and outside the Emerald classroom, are non-parent zones! Please help us to help your child to come to school with independence. This is part of their learning journey and is vital in preparation for other transition activities that we will be doing gradually to help make the move to Year 1 smooth. All children who come into class on their own, will be rewarded! Any parents seen lurking will be put on the cloud! You have been warned!

Request for small plastic bottles

Please save, and bring into school, any small-sized water bottles (plastic only please) to be used as part of our topic work. They will be transformed into Russian nesting dolls!

Thank you.

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