Pixie Garrett

all about me

Meet me

My name is Pixie Garrett.I have 1 brother and 2 dogs 2 nile monitors-lizard.I don't like candy or chocolate and I like only milk and water.

Top Ten list

1.I love tomatoes, stake, fruits.

2.I love reptiles.

3.My favorite show and superhero is FLASH.

4.I love computer and games.

5. I love P.E and SCIENCE.

6.My favorite color is blue and orange.

7.I like to ply soccer.

8.My favorite place to live would be tokyo.

9.I think things on are chromebook are funner then papers.

!0.Last but not least I can"t wait for my 5th grade teacher.


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BEYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!