PA State Child Safety Requirements

New Legal Requirements for ALL Childcare Workers

The families of Ardsley Bible Chapel are so thankful for each of you who give so generously of your heart, time, and energies to serve us and our children!

Some new updates to PA State Law now require that all individuals providing care for children complete three categories of clearances. If you have not already applied for these clearances (such as for work), please follow the links below to begin the process. Thank you!
Child Abuse History Clearance

New users will need to create an individual login to complete the application. Be sure to write down your login information and keep it where you can find it to log on again! The fee is waived for volunteers.

Criminal History Check

Follow the steps to apply for your PA State Police Check. There is no fee to process as a volunteer.

FBI Fingerprinting Waiver

If you have been a PA resident for the past consecutive 10 years, you may provide a signed statement in lieu of FBI Fingerprinting.

Registration for FBI Fingerprinting

If you have NOT been a resident of PA for the past 10 years, you will need to pay and register online, and then take your completed registration to an authorized location to submit fingerprints. Please print and keep your receipt.