Lineville Technology

By:Malachi Lacourt

Typing Web

We have been using typing web to improve our typing skills and to make our fingers faster with typing. How it helps me is to improve my keyboard skills and its made me go from being so slow to being so fast. When I completely finish typing web i hope to be a master of the keyboard.

I Trailer

In i trailer we made short movies about what we wanted to do in the future. And the reason was to see what we might want to do when we get jobs and taught us about that job. Basically it told us some of the oppurtunites in the future for me and my class mates

Career Locker

In career locker it showed us a large amount of job that we could have in our future and showed all the info on that job. It showed us how much money we could make and everything else. In a way its a website dedicated to showing people the bright future they could have.

Haiku Deck

On Haiku deck they made so you can make presentations on our job we wanted in the future. It also let you change the screen with extra props and etc. We did presantations on are hope to be future job and mine was video game designer.

Explain Everything

In Explain everything you could make little presantasions by making slides and then recording to make a small demonstration. And you can just use one slide to explain everything. You can make presantations to disscus things.

Hour of Code

In Hour of Code we could make and play games that required you to type to do actions like run and etc. We could code and make our own games like flappy bird etc. It helped us learn how to use code to make small programs run.

Email Etiquette

We were taught how to properly email people and how to correctly email. It taught us to not really say u . And it taught us to only do that when texing your freind not a teacher.


Google Classroom