The Explorations of Marco Polo

By: Kelson Lauer

Early Life

Marco Polo was born in 1254 in Venice Italy. He was born into a very wealthy merchant family that traveled around a lot and he was very educated. Much of his childhood was spent parent less because he was parented by some of his extended family. He traveled a lot when he was a child because of his parents being merchants however he didn't usually go the far distances.
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Achievements and Discoveries

Marco Polo spent 17 years of his life in China serving for Kublai Khan who at the time was the Chinese emperor. He wrote a book showing all of his journeys that he had done and however some people don't believe that he did all that he said most of the historians have confirmed that he at least went to China. Marco Polo is considered to have been one of the most comfortable travelers because he had something from the Chinese that said if you attack me the force of the whole entire Mongol army will meet you.
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The Impact Marco Polo Had On The World

The impact that Marco Polo had on the world by allowing a lot of knowledge to go through between China and Venice that wouldn't have gone through without Marco and his family. Some of the things that Marco Polo and his family have traded with China are some knowledge about Christianity from Marco Polo and his family and some riches from China went back to Venice.