YMCM Sports 360 Authority

Tyler Cotton and Nate Slot

Company info

Generating ideas- We are in the sports equipment servies. We make sorts equipment for all sports and for all ages. We got this idea from seeing all these other big names in the businesses of sports equipment such as Schutt, Under Armour, Nike, Adidas, and Russell. we thought we could do just as good as them with our ideas. In our competition would be Dicks Sporting Goods, Running Center, and Scheels they are tough to compete with. I believe we can be just as successful if we make all the right moves and decisions to be successful. Are main focus is giving the people high quality sports gear and wear.

Raising Capital- We use are own money. We have saved up all these years to provide the wellness of sports gears, attire, health food, and muscle mass products. We did odd jobs and basic jobs to get money. We finally got it working at now on the path of making cash.

Employee training- When we look for employees we look for young. People who are energetic and are willing to help others. They need to be smart with their section of the expertise and know where everything is and what would be best for the customers. People smarts is very important and need to be patient as well.

Buying goods and services- We are getting partnerships with alot of companies like Nike, Under Armor, Adidas, Russell. Other companies for food and muscle mass products like Gatorade, Muscle Gain protein, Build HD, and bunch of other sports nutritions.

Marketing Goods and Services- We get people to notice us through a tv commercial, and newspaper ads.

Maintaining business records-To maintain business record i would hire a few personal assistants to help me out and keep track of all records. They would have to be good with numbers and would have to go for a minimum wage.

Partnership/ Business Goals

Are business is a partnership with Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour. We partnership because we believe it will get us to be seen more by the public. We picked this because we could know that we could learn from these companies how to get more people to buy are apparell. The advantages we get expertise from these popular companies, and they can help contribute to us. If Nike, Adidas, or Under Armour die we go down with them. No protection of personal assets.

Business Goals- short term business goals-write a business plan to obtain a small business loan. To find and develop venture capitalists for working capital/startup costs. Create an LLP with an accountant. Get your employees to invest themselves into your business.Establish a target. Set a A business may also want to improve efficiency through various means in the business, which can cut down on costs, improve revenues and help the business run more smoothly.

Mission statement

Our mission- To give people the best gear for them and their kids. So they can stay safe and enjoy sports the way it should enjoyed,To give gear that will help them reach their prime performance.
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