Sleep Cycle

The ultimate sleeping app

About the app

Sleep Cycle is an alarm clock app that tracks your sleeping patterns with your microphone, and then chooses an optimal time (within a 30 minute period) to wake you up.

I would recommend this app to anyone who has trouble waking up from their alarm, or find that when they wake up they feel like they were interrupted during their sleep.


It has a nicely designed interface that is easy on the eyes, especially when your first waking up in the morning. It also has a good choice of relaxing alarm tones, which help you wake up with ease and comfort.
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The alarm wakes you up at just the right time, so you are awake and ready for the day.


It is free on Apple app store, but on the Samsung play store it costs $0.99.

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Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock App 2014 In-depth Walkthrough Review