Teacher Webpage Training

Creating the Lines of Communication

Ten reasons for Teachers to maintain a website to reflect their classrooms

What do parents really want?

Through an informal poll one Instructional Coach assessed what parents might like to see on a teacher website. The top answer she received was “nightly homework assignments.” In addition, parents liked seeing long-term calendars, a way to provide feedback to the teacher, and educational links to use with their children at home. Parents also want the websites to be easily navigable and well-organized so that it’s easy to find what they need quickly. Nearly all the parents surveyed emphasized the importance of keeping teacher websites up to date. Indeed, this may be the number one thing that parents need, since all of the above features would be essentially useless if they were two weeks out of date.

Brief Tutorial on Weebly

Weebly 2014 - Introduction tutorial to weebly.com: Create a Free Website

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