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What Can You Do With It?

What Can You Do

4 years ago...

...He was sitting with his feet hanging

outside of the sliding door of a green,

1996 Dodge Caravan---looking out at

a full moon over the beach in Kailua

Hawaii, dangling his toes into the sand.

He stared out into the blackness of the

sky, the halo of the moon, the sound

of the ocean, the feeling of the sand,

and wondered...

...will I ever be able to LIVE beyond

the grasp of poverty?

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5 years ago...

...a 24 year old Heroin addict is hunched

over a toilet, accidentally dropping his

last hit---and panics.

He stands up with the intention of

getting another hit ...the compulsion that

had driven his life for nearly a decade...

but before he does, he makes a mistake,

and SEES HIMSELF in the mirror.

And hates what he sees.

His body FIGHTING with every last

breath to drag him back to the crack house

for another hit ...he looks at himself,

screams inside his soul, crying---a tear

running down the side of his face, and

says the unthinkable in the face of



...and makes a NEW DECISION.

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189,000 people in 100 countries later,

this ex 'Van Man' and recovering drug

addict stand on top of a stage in front

of 6,000 people VICTORY and

POWER, realizing the truth of what

YOU can do...

...when you only have a dream.


What's possible for you?

I'm going to suggest, not what is

impossible, but what is POSSIBLE,

when YOU step into your power...


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