Kindergarten @ Golbow

November 11-15,2013

Monday…Our Tribute to Veterans

We will be having an assembly on Monday to pay tribute to our Veterans. Please take this opportunity to talk to your children about this special day and how we pay tribute to the men and women who have served our country.

What we are learning this week….

Reading- identifying characters in a story

Writing- using high frequency words in our writing

Word Work-practice identifying high frequency words

Math- recognizing and describing 3D shapes

Science- identifying foods that help our bodies grow

Social Studies- recognizing Veteran's day

What is happening around Golbow

Monday- Veteran's Day Program

Tuesday- PTA General Assembly Meeting and 4th Grade choir program 6 p.m.

Thursday- Spring Creek BBQ Spirit Night

…Teachers will be there serving hot rolls….

Friday- Limo Ride for Big Kahuna Fundraiser Winners

Reading Buddies

Our Kindergarten team working with the 4th grade teachers was very fortunate to receive a $5,000. grant from the Katy Education Foundation this year. Our kindergarten students are reading with a 4th grade buddy for 15 minutes each week. They will have access to iPads and will be working together to make puppet shows and write children's books. We are starting to match the children up with their "Reading Buddies" and they are very excited to have a "big friend" in the school to read to each week. Stay tuned and we will attempt to link up some of our puppet videos and quotes from the children to our newsletter.

Turkey Homework

You will have a paper turkey come home this week. Hopefully this will be a fun activity for you to do with your child. In conjunction with a book we will be reading for Thanksgiving, The task is to disguise their turkey so that it will not be caught for Thanksgiving dinner. We look forward to sharing these turkeys with the class!