Mrs. Castine's Class

with Mrs. Wilson

May 6-10

Learning Objectives

Spelling Words

say, other, very, full, gave, love, how, found, now, out

Word Family: -ou and ow

Grammar: similes & complete and meaningful sentences


We will read books by Marcus Pfister this week and focus on theme and meaning.


Using Marcus Pfister books as a guide, we will write a story that teaches a lesson.


Students will apply fact strategies to add and subtract within 20. We will also review the five thinking patterns used in problem solving: some & some more, some went away, bigger-smaller-difference, equal groups put together, and equal groups taken apart.

Science & Social Studies

We will explore how different animals are classified this week.


Monday @ 6:30pm - Talent Show meeting for parents

Teacher Appreciation Week begins

Wednesday - Progress Reports

Friday - Talent Show Sign Ups Due