Friday Focus-Admin Style


Quote for the Week

"But if we truly want our students to be successful, and if we truly want our classrooms to be the places where powerful learning is always going on, then we all have to make sure that while we are changing the "stuff" we are also changing and transforming ourselves."

Becky Blair

(see her blog post below...)

Looking Forward-Things You Need to Know

•The Great Kindness Challenge isn't until January 27-31-but you can register now and have access to a wealth of materials to support the week. This is a great Student Council project. Great Kindness Challenge Registration Link and don't forget to "Like" them on Facebook!

•The Achievement Gap Task Force Documents are up on Confluence for your reference. Don't forget to talk to your 3rd grade teachers prior to the materials arriving in their rooms from the County. (<:

•Thank you to those of you who completed the Survey Monkey and gave feedback re: our Principal Meetings! I will send you a brief summary of the survey-but the general consensus was to meet at 12:30 prior to leadership-every other week. So our next meeting will be on 9/23. In response to your request, Carlos will be our Special Guest to discuss the big "B" (Budget) I am working with Carlos on what information would be beneficial to all of you-we have a general idea, but if you have specific questions, email me.

•9/16 Leadership-Thank You Sal for offering to bring Treats!

•9/17 Insurance Committee Meeting-Do you know who your reps are?

•9/19 Site Strategic Plan Prep/Rehearsal Mtg. Please bring your final agenda and be prepared to show/share your powerpoint/keynote and "test" any technology that you will be using/showing.

•9/20 World's Children's Prize Celebration at Skyline

EduAwesome Drops in Our Bucket...

•Yumm!! How 'bout those yummy snacks from Mr. Bering on Monday! Dude, you have set the bar HIGH!

•YAHOO! The District Strategic Planning Day was "EduAwesome!" Wow! Such an exciting time to be in education! Kudos to Terry D for putting together such an Amazing day! And of course...we know who really makes us all look so good-Thank You to Monica and Melani for all of their help behind the scenes! Your organizational skills and all of your prep work really paid off! Site Strategic Planning Day was a huge success! And how 'bout those Teacher Presenters and our TOSA's! Angie and Jo, Your hard work really paid off, you should be so proud of your "peeps!" Kelsey, Cara and Ellen's presentations were the highlight of the day! Such Trailblazers and risk-takers-They are a great inspiration to all of us! Gotta Love Caroline-She always does such a nice job presenting and keeping us all up to date on whatever project she is working on-Solana Ranch is going to be beautiful! Such amazing things happening in our classrooms! ...And we can't say enough about our incredible Tech Team who makes sure that everything goes off without a hitch! So proud to be a part of this incredible district!

•Thank you to all of the principals for your active and engaged participation in our 1st Principal's Meeting this past Monday! I know that you will all find our TOSA's to be a great resource not only for your teachers-but for you as well!!

•Hey, Rumor has it that our Budget Sheets will reflect our Carry Over! Now, that has to be a record! Carry Over posted in September!! Carlos and his staff ROCKS!!

Video of the Week

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Final Thoughts to Ponder...

"Smile big today. Some kids are coming to work with the weight of a tough weekend! Be their source of compassion."


(I would suggest that we could also substitute the word "staff" for kids)...Something to think about...