Lucy Calkins Writing Workshop: Books for Teaching Writing in the Intermediate Grades (Virtual Tour)

Lucy Caulkins

Training for Lucy Caulkins is mandatory for ALL classroom teachers. There are several options available for dates in My Learning Plan. Please review the options and sign up by May 15th. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Climate Survey (Principal's EE)

I am so sorry to have to ask as I know how busy all of you are, but please take a few moments this week to complete the survey linked below. The survey gives us data as to the overall climate at LV and will help to inform our thinking as we search for a new AP and continue planning for next year. It is also a requirement of Phil and Kristin's Admin. EE. Thank you in advance for your time and thoughtful responses.


ASCEND Clarification

Some clarification following the e-mail you received yesterday...

  1. The form is not required. You only need to complete the form if you feel that any of your ratings will/should be different now than they were in the fall.
  2. The form is NOT to request a change your domain of influence, but rather a change to the ratings in individual categories. These categories inform your annual increase, and will have an impact on your DOI rating only if you are in your summative year.

EE Reminders

Documentation Log - You may upload artifacts regardless of what summative year you are in currently. However, you are not required to have artifacts until your summative year. Any artifacts uploaded during year 1 or 2 will be reflected in year 3, but may not be changed after the current year "rolls over" on June 15th.

Summative Evaluations - If you are in Year 3, Phil or Kristin will be sending you an invitation for a summative meeting. Please come to the meeting prepared to discuss where on the rubrics you feel you are and why. Please also come prepared to discuss your SLO and the rating for such. If your SLO is not complete (ie, waiting for MAP results) we will need to meet again at another time to review.


TOMS Login - If you had not previously logged in to the TOMS portal for Badger, you should be receiving (or have received) another confirmation e-mail. Please follow the instructions to activate your account. You should then change your password so that it is:

a # sign followed by your network password with the first letter capitalized.

EXAMPLE: #Networkpassword

Please log in this week so we can confirm that everyone has been successfully activated.

LV AP Progress

Our posting closed on Friday and we have 37 applications for the LV Associate Position, including 7 internal candidates. Phil is working with Dennis Krueger this week to screen candidates and finalize the timeline and hiring process. Tentatively, the timeline is:

  • April 20-24th - Paper Screening
  • April 27-28th - Phone Screening
  • May 4th or 8th - In Person Interviews
  • May 13, 14 or 15 - Final Interviews
  • Week of May 18th - Candidate announced

I will be contacting those of you who volunteered to serve on the hiring team after I have met with Dennis to finalize the process. Thank you!

Staff Appreciation Cookout

What says, "Thank you for a great school year" better than grilled meat? Nothing, that's what! Mark your calendars for Friday, June 5th as that is the day we will have our annual staff appreciation cookout! You've worked hard all year so, for one day, kick back and let Phil and Kristin grill up some burgers and brats to show our appreciation for everything you do.