What is advertising?

BY: Marissa Clemmons

Lets get to it.

What is advertising?: It's the activity or profession of producing advertisements for commercial products or services.

What are the different methods of advertising in France?: Newspapers, "branding" people, and commercials.

How do advertising and marketing improve the quality of life?: puts consdieration in the consumers' mind, changes in consumers’ knowledge and beliefs.

How do they influence us?: They tell us to buy things that'll give us unrealistic happiness, or things we don't have; things that could never be. ie. "Red Bull- gives you wings." "Coke- your always a winner with Coke.

How does a seller convince his/her client to buy a product?: He/She says things like "they'll be happier with this product"; "Everyone else will see changes in you quick."; "This product will better their well-being" and states "statistics" of how many others also have this problem


Louis Vuitton



Société Générale




Gay McDonald's ad in France:

French ad

The product is McDonald's , the target audience is everyone; the message this French video shows us is that you can be you, and still be accepted at this restaurant. This is interesting because our society is changing drastically, and everyone can see it.
Wendy's Say 'No' to Microwaves tv commercial ad 2015 HD • advert

American ad

The product is a baconator, the target audience is anyone, the goal is to get people to buy this bacon because it's not made in a microwave it's made on a grill. This is so interesting because of the personification give to these daily things, like a microwave and bacon.