The Big D, Summer Camp

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The Big D - Diabetes summer camp

We are more than just a daycare for children and teens with diabetes , We make your children feel exited and happy to participate in exhilerating and fun activities such as :Fishing , Biking , Swimming , Zip-lining , Rock climbing , rafting , etc.They will feel relaxed as well as safe and connected to other kids like them.We will take in a maximum of 300 kids ,male or female (8yrs to 16yrs), per campsite at a cost of $100 per week. It's an all summer program and will be open from May 1st to August 30th. There are no prior sign-up complications and no dead-lines.

Retreats And Locations

We will have three different locations :Tyler , Longveiw and DFW areaEach will have the same ten retreats (parks) within the resort .Each will contain a camp ground ,mess hall , feild , woods , trails , cliffs,lakes , ranch , farm , and an activity center .

Our Different activities

Saftey and Precautions

We will monitor the insulin levels of your children and make sure plenty of exersize is executed .We will have a medical facility on-site and an ambulance for any emergencies.

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