Is Nuclear Power Good?

We think not!

What is Nuclear Power?

Nuclear Power is energy contained in atoms. Nuclear Power Plants use heat that is released from a chain reaction in a radioactive substance such as uranium to produce steam, which drives turbines to generate electricity.
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Why do you think Nuclear Power is bad?

I think Nuclear Power is bad because it can be extremely dangerous to use, and it pollutes our environment. There have been over 5 serious accidents when it comes to nuclear power plants, including Chernobyl.


  • Lower Carbon Dioxide
  • Lower Operating Cost
  • Known developed technology
  • Large Generating Compacity
  • Waste can be reduced


  • The costs for storing waste currently costs $38 billion-Tax Payers end up spending that much on just storing nuclear waste in the sites of over 38 states.
  • Target for terrorism-In 2002 President Bush announced that they had found an American Nuclear Facility blueprint in one of the Al-Qaeda hideouts. If they attack one of these sites it would be a catastrophe.
  • Waste lasts for 200-500 thousand years-the waste will not break down for a good half a million years or so.
  • Decommissioning of nuclear power stations is expensive and takes a long time. The Vermont Yankee site estimates it will cost more than 1.2 billings dollars and take until 2075 to be decommissioned.
  • Longer Construction times-When building a nuclear plant, the construction times take up to 5-7 years.
  • Unknown risks-When Chernobyl happened, nobody could've thought that would take over the city. What else are we oblivious to?
  • High-known risks in an accident-The risks in building a power plant is way too high. Many accidents have happened resulting in mutations from generations down the line.
  • Investment could be spent on on other solutions (such as solar power)-And many more.

Ways to Store Nuclear Waste

Guarding the Nuclear Plant

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Animal Mutations in Chernobyl

Interesting Facts About Nuclear Power (Quotes)

  • Every 18 to 24 months, a power plant must shut itself down to remove excess uranium, which is then turned into nuclear waste
  • The United States Power Plants produce over 2,000 metric tons of radioactive nuclear waste.
  • Nuclear Power plants power 20% of U.S. Electricity
  • 1 in 5 households in the US are electrically powered by nuclear energy.
  • Nuclear power plants use large quantities of water for steam production and for cooling. Some nuclear power plants remove large quantities of water from a lake or river, which could affect fish and other aquatic life.

Environmental Impacts of Nuclear Power

Most would think that nuclear power is most harmful for its air pollution, but because of the Clean Air Act of 1963, Nuclear Power Plants wouldn't even exist! What the pollution is really bad for, is the waste in rivers and lakes. When nuclear power plants have excess waste, instead of spending money to make concrete storage containers, they dump all of the waste into the nearest lake and/or river.
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