Tech Time

Franklin Elementary

What is happening?

At Franklin we have been experimenting and implementing technology into the staff development as well as the classrooms. Staff has been introduced to Google Drive and the advantages of Google Chrome. Students 3rd-5th grades are using their Chrome accounts to research and to complete work in the classrooms. We have experimented with a 1-to-1 3rd grade classroom over the last year. Franklin students have noticed a difference going from this environment to a classroom that does not have individual technology. In speaking with students we have found that problem solving, ease of use, and student engagement are all improved with the one-to-one technology.

Administrator report:

Our administrator is very supportive of technology use, but he is also focused on keeping our instruction curriculum based. We are implementing technology with the intent to improve and enhance lessons using appropriate tools that help deepen student learning and understanding of the curriculum.

21st Century Students

Students are creating and collaborating on projects using tools such as Google Docs and Google Presentations. Students k-5 are programming and creating using Scratch and Lego Robotics. Students are using a variety of tools, programs, and apps to both enhance and display their learning.