By: Macie, Gage, Mason, and Colton

Robin Fulton

Robert Fulton was an American engineer and inventor. He was best known for making the first successful steamboat in 1807. His steamboat carried passengers from New York. Plus he also made the first submarine and war steamboat.

Impact on American Life

Larger steamships could cross the ocean which meant that America could export goods to e.g. Europe, also import goods, and people could emigrate and also immigrate.

Waterways like the Mississippi and the St Lawrence and Hudson Rivers could be navagated carrying large numbers of passengers and freight and not dependent on the winds.

Impact on Business

helped get goods and supplies from one state to another so they could get more money for the goods in other places that didnt have them


Steamboats today, help transport goods back and forth. An example would be the transport of lumber. They linked major cities all over the United States.
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