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Water Chesnuts

Dreissena polymorpha

Zebra mussels are freshwater bivalve species native to Black and Caspain seas of Russia and Ukraine. These mussles migrated to Western Europe using inland water ways and canals that had been used for trade during the Industrial revolution. They arrived in the States around 1985, when transoceanic shipd realesed ballest water into Lake St. Clair of the Great Lakes. The ballast water from the ships likely contained veligers and adult Zebra mussels.


* Zebra mussels have cost power industry an estimated 3.1 billion dollars since 1993

* Zebra mussels are hearty filter-feeders that can significantly reduce the supply of microscopic zooplankton, which many forage fish depend upon

* The sharp-edged shells can harm bare feet

* Attachment to boat motors, docks, buoys and pipes have affected recreation industries

* The colonization patterns of zebra mussels damage water intake structures such as power and municipal water treatment plants

* Zebra mussel control is costly