communism at its fullest

in china

communism, what is it?

Communism is the way of making everyone equal and have no class in a country. It may sound like a good idea but this idea is very flawed. Instead of everyone being equal it turns into more of a dictatorship. People are ruled over by a leader and don't feel so equal.

it might be old but its important

the korean war

On June 25 1950 Korea was divided at the 38th parallel in to north Korea(which was communist) and south Korea(a democratic). The north was backed up by general chai Ung chai's and the south by the USA. We backed them up because we wanted to prevent the spread of communism as best we could. In the end in 1953 the war was put on a stand still so north stayed communist but US saved South Korea and it is democratic.

The Vietnam War

Similar to Korea Vietnam was divided at the 17th parallel. The north was run by Ho Chi Minh and his communist forces ran Vietnam's government. In the south they had a non-communist government and the president was Ngo Dinh Diern. Later the US stepped in to help the south-again to try and prevent communism spreading, they called it the domino affect. They thought if one country fell to communism then the ones around it would follow. But this time we were unsuccessful, in 1975 south Vietnam surrendered to the north and became communist. The US left defeated.


In the opinion the containment of communism worked.

  1. We the US are not communist
  2. Some places around communism countries are not communist
  3. We 1protected south Korea from being communist