Personality Type: True colors Green

by Ryan Prather

What is a "Green?"

Being a "Green" has a lot to do, not as much with knowledge, but understanding. We tend to want to know the "Why?" instead of the "What?" which means we like things explained. Greens are very open minded, and creative. They tend to be visionaries, problem solvers, and analytical. They encourage change because they see it as an opportunity for improvement.
As being a green, there were a few words that described me perfectly. I am definitely logical. I do value knowledge and tend to live b my own rules and standards. However, some did not describe me. "Perfectionist" is one of them. As long as it is done right, not exactly perfect, it is done. Also, I do not let my head rule my heart. Finally, I do not need to respect people before I learn from them. I think, as a career, greens should take an interest in investigation or politics, just because we tend to question everything. In politics, questioning things for the public to know is great. The more the public knows, the more they trust the government, so we could be a stronger country. Also, we tend to work on one thing to another. Therefore, we can work on one problem in the country after another. However, questioning authority can be a bad thing. It could lead you in the wrong place. Also, we tend to focus on one thing at a time and there are many problems in the country, which would overwhelm us.