Skype in the Classroom

In this session we will explore Skype from a teacher view.


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  • Learn the basics of Mystery Skype to improve student engagement, digital literacy and critical thinking skills all while having fun!

  • Joint the Microsoft Mystery Skype Community

  • Participate in a Mystery Skype.

What PLC question does Mystery Skype address?

What do we want our students to learn?

What is Skype?

Skype in the Classroom is a free community that offers live transformative educational experiences for students including Virtual Field Trips, talks from Guest Speakers, classroom to classroom connections, and live collaboration projects.

Why Play Mystery Skype?

Mystery Skype is a wonderful tool to teach your students 21st century skills such as:
  • Critical Thinking

  • Collaboration

  • Geography

  • Teamwork

  • Cultural Awareness

  • Deductive reasoning

  • Digital Literacy

Gina Ruffcorn, a Skype Master Teacher writes about her experience with Mystery Skype.

There are a multitude of skills being taught and strategies being implemented during a Mystery Skype session. The facts are irrefutable. However, there are other outcomes from Mystery Skype sessions that are more important than those.

Allow me to share an example from my 5th grade classroom. Before Mystery Skype my students never considered themselves or their lives to be of much interest to anyone. They didn’t believe they had anything unique or special to offer. Just small town kids in a small rural school district. However, through the power of Mystery Skype my kids soon realized the reasons they perceived themselves to be ordinary were in fact the things that made them unique. Other classes were intrigued by the size of our school and wanted to know more about our local area and our rural way of life. As we took part in Mystery Skypelessons, sharing our information and our personal experiences with many others, my students began to view themselves and their community from a new perspective. They carried themselves differently, spoke more confidently, and held their heads up just a little higher.

Mystery Skype also awakened the students’ curiosity about other cultures and ways of life. The differences and commonalities that classes shared with us fostered many thought provoking discussions. The students increased awareness and understanding of other people and lifestyles was heartwarming.

The Mystery Skype experiences caused a magical transformation, which was completely unforeseen and unexpected. And that is why Mystery Skype is a necessary addition to any classroom

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