Cottontop Tamarin is an Endangered, Please help!!

Why is it endangered?

Cottontop Tamarin, with scientific name of Saguinus Oedipus, are considered endangered because 75% of their natural habitat has been lost to deforestation. We as humans are the root to this problem so we have to make a change and bring the Cottontop Tamarin to an environment where it won't be threatened by us humans. So help these monkeys please!!!!
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All about the Cottoptop madarin

The Cottontop Tamarin weighs around 15.2 oz while the average height at 8.2-10.2 inches. The Mandarin tail is actually taller than the animal itself averaging around the length of 13-16 inches. Cottontop Tamarin has a sagittal crest, with white hairs and is active during the day and lives in the tree tops at night. Usually the Cottontop Tamarin lives in troops of 2 to 14 members, led by the oldest female and dominant male. The Tamarin will be found in a lowland tropical forest, found in Central and South America. The niche for the Cottontop Tamarin is that it disperses seeds in the tropical ecosystem.