Grown Up Christmas Fun

Thank you Tammie Earhart for sharing this fun idea!

Counting down together...

Hi all,

We would like to have some fun the last days before Christmas!! Sound Good? Don't tell the kids what we're doing. This is just for us!! Here’s a list of things for us (grown-ups) to do over the few days leading to our holiday break to add a little fun to a busy time. We hope you'll participate. Those who participate get to make it a blue-jean day also!!!

Monday, December 15th

Holiday Exposed Toe Socks and Flip Flops - Wear your favorite toe socks. WHAT ... You don't like toe socks???? They make your big toe feel lonely and isolated?????? No problem, just wear some slides or open toe shoes with your socks. Make sure we can see ‘em though. You HAVE to expose those socks to the world.

Tuesday, December 16th

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells - This one is really simple...WEAR BELLS! Let's jingle the day away!! Wear jinglies on your shirt, pants, necklace, socks... WHEREVER...Just jingle it up.

Wednesday, December 17th

Light it up day - Light your wardrobe up with seasonal lights. Wear something that lights up with holiday cheer...earrings, hats, shirts, socks, necklaces...WHATEVER....We'll bring enough lights into the school that we won't need to turn on the hallway lights!!

Thursday, December 18th

Holiday wear your craziest, tackiest, Christmas thing ever - Wear your favorite Santa Hat, Holiday Headband, tacky sweater, ridiculous sweatshirt, home-made holiday T-Shirt, etc. Don’t forget the glitter, glitz, mirrors and bells!! The goofier the better….you may even want to wear antlers or a Christmas Tree hat! Go ahead and make your doesn't have to be store bought.

Friday, December 19th

Christmas PJ Day – It’s the last day and a ½ day at that for the students so let’s stay comfy all day long.