Belly Up

By: Stuart Gibbs/ Report By: Emma Gomez

Belly Up

Belly Up is a book about a 11 year old boy named Theodore that investigates On Henry The Hippo's death. It all started when the mascot of the FunJungle ,Henry The Hippo, dies. After Henry dies the doctor dose an autopsy. Theodore sneaks in and finds out that the hippo had been murdered. Theodore meets the owner of the FunJungle's daughter ,Summer. Summer and Theodore become friends and investigate on Henry's death. They go swimming in the Hippo Pool and fine a jack. They think that is a murder weapon. Summer goes to the FunJungle's store and find the same set of jacks that were in the pool. Someone finds out that Theodore and Summer had been investigating in Henry's death. That next day Leo goes into the Reptile world and one of the most dangerous snakes get out. Theodore almost get killed by that attack. After that there is a big party for the a new exhibit. One of the lions get out and almost kill him too. But, his dad came at just the right time to save him. The next day was Henry's funeral. Theodore and his gets caught in a room that he is not aloud to be in. He interrupts the funeral and moves the crane that Henry's dead corps is in. He drops the corps and it gets all over the crowd of people. He runs away and goes to the doctor in his car. He goes to the owners office and finds out that one of the employee's smuggled emeralds through the animals. The employee was named Buck.

Questions that might be asked.

~Why did you choose this book?

I chose this book because everybody was talking about it and it was just in my lexile.

~What was your favorite part?

My favorite part was when they found out Buck was the killer.

~How long was the book?

The book was the longest book I've ever read, it was 293 pages.

~ Would you recommend this book?

I would recommend this book. Its good for people who like thrilling books.

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Thanks for your time reading my book report! I hope you enjoyed!