This Smore will cover Virus', Germs and Bacteria


No type of medicine can kill a Virus only your bodies Immune system can kill a Virus.

A example of a Virus is the flu. When you take medicine, they only help cure the symptoms or side effects of the disease such as a fever or sore throat


Bacteria are alive. They are the simplest creatures on the planet. And they are everywhere. On your hands, food, water and even in your body! Unlike Virus' not all bacteria are harmful. Some actually help your body. Also medicine can kill them when they get out of control. A example of a bacterial infection is strep throat. When you get it your doctor will give you many types of medicines to help kill the harmful bacteria.


Fungus usually a skin disease can occur when fungus starts to grow out of people skin. Such as toe fungus which grows from your nails. It can be treated by a antifungal cure

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