Class Presentation Tools

Use the right tool for the right job


This entire document is an example of a SMORE flyer. You can add photos and text, hyperlinks, audio, video and more.


Voki's create 60 second avatar speeches.

You can design your own avatar, pick the type of voice you want to use and more. Click "Voki Scene pickup" below to see one!


Prezi is a presentation tool, much like PowerPoint. It will allow you to make slides with information, embedded YouTube videos, pictures and more. It uses dynamic motion to flow between pieces of information. **Hint: Don't use too much text on the screen at one time, and don't use too much movement, people get seasick!

Prezi's can be collaborative. Share them with your partner and work simultaneously (or alone) from different machines.

There is an app in the iTunes store for Prezi.


VoiceThread is a slide show that allows you and all viewers to comment in a written, verbal or camera based way. Easily upload photos, pdf, etc and begin working together!

There is a VoiceThread app for building VT in the iTunes store.

Use this tutorial from VoiceThread.

What is a VoiceThread


Build an interactive image using ThingLink. Place plots on a picture that link to websites, videos, sounds and more. Easy to make, easy to share.

There is an app in the iTunes store that allows you to build and view ThingLinks.

ThingLink Tutorial

Google Presentation

With a gmail account (yours, or the school provided one) you can create a PowerPoint type presentation without having PowerPoint! It is easy to use and you will find it very familiar if you are used to PowerPoint. You must log in to Google, and use the Google Drive feature to access it. You can import pictures, embed YouTube videos and more.

The best feature is that you can collaborate in real time with your partners.

Google Sites

With a gmail account (yours or the school provided one) you can create a basic web page without knowing any html. On this site you can include images, videos, and other embedded objects (like Vokis, Voicethreads, GoogleDocs and more).

You can collaborate with partners but you cannot work on the same web page at the same time (but you can work on the same site, with different pages).