Readers are EXPLORERS!

Read Through the Genres Challenge!

Exploring Our World in Ships of Our Own Making . . .

Our Read Through the Genres Challenge this year will support our new MakerSpace additions to the Library. What IS a MakerSpace you may ask? MakerSpace incorporates technology, STEM learning, STEAM learning, and all those other trendy terms for giving kids a chance to MAKE, CREATE, and INNOVATE. It's a chance to DISCOVER, EXPLORE, and MAKE A DIFFERENCE. So, as we are EXPLORING OUR WORLD through reading, kids will be prompted and encouraged to THINK, PROBLEM SOLVE, and INVENT. Who knows what new frontiers YOU will EXPLORE! Check out the links below to preview of some of our new gadgets we will use to explore this year.

2nd Grade Explorers Read Through the Genres Reading Log

Second Graders will use a student-recorded Reading Log to write down their AR books and their AR scores under Genre categories.
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3rd Grade Explorers Read Through the Genres Reading Log

3rd Grade students will use an ONLINE READING LOG (which is a google form). The bookmark below will be given to 3rd grade students at their library orientation class and has a QR code for school and home access. The back of the Readers Are EXPLORERS bookmark provides space for students to track their progress as they read through the genres. We will also post the QR code in the library, classrooms, and computer labs for easy access.
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4th and 5th Grade Explorers 40 Book Challenge

4th and 5th Grade Explorers will start off using the Readers Are EXPLORERS: 40 Book Challenge printed form to record their AR books. Students will also record their AR books digitally. As we begin to utilize Canvas, we will incorporate the 40 Book Challenge into the 4th and 5th Grade reading program. Below are the actual google forms for 4th and 5th Graders. Please make sure your student uses the correct google form. Most of my 3rd graders last year and the year before (so 4th or 5th graders this year) have used previous google forms to earn a genre tag. They will also have a bookmark to record book genres they have submitted online as a quick visual tool. The bookmark is pictured below. Those students who meet the challenge each 9 weeks will be invited to celebrate in the library. Your student's reading teacher will provide more guidelines for meeting the challenge. below. So, students will have a reading log in a notebook for logging detailed information about their AR books AND a bookmark to remind them how to log a book online and track the genres they have logged.
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Check Your Library Accounts By Clicking on the Link Below!

Below is a picture of the student's Online Public Access Catalog at Legacy. In the upper righthand corner you will see the "Log On" button. Students will use their FIRST AND LAST INITIALS as their username and their lunch number is their PIN. This is an easy way to check what your students have checked out from the library and when it is due. Students may also check availability of books they may be interested in getting on their next visit the Legacy Library.

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Alabama Virtual Library--the world at your fingertips . . .

Frequently Asked Questions

How long may I keep a book?

Students in Grades 2-5 may check out two books for a two weeks at a time. You may return books as finished and get another book. You may also renew your book for a second two-week period.

When will I get my genre tag?

2nd Grade--students will turn in Reading Log folders on Fridays. You will receive your tag on Friday or the following Monday.

3rd Grade--after submitting your AR books to ONLINE READING LOG, Mrs. Scott will check tags on Thursdays. You will get your tags on Friday or the following Monday.

When are the Readers are EXPLORERS celebrations and how do I get to join in the fun?

Celebrations are at the end of each 9 weeks.

Earn 2 genre tags by the 1st 9 Weeks

Earn 4 genre tags by the 2nd 9 Weeks

Earn 6 genre tags by the 3rd 9 Weeks

Earn ALL 9 genre tags to join us for the END-OF-THE-YEAR CELEBRATION AT THE POND!