June 2016 Newsletter

Grade 4 Mrs. Standish

Upcoming Events

June 2 & 16 Pizza Lunch


June 7 Track and Field Finals

June 10 PA Day

June 14 Special Olympics

Aquatic Safety Program at Ryerson

June 15 Field Trip to Stratford

June 29 Last day of School

What We're Learning

Language and Social Studies

We are continuing to practice our research skills. We are identifying reliable sources, choosing the important information and paraphrasing important points. We are also practicing source citation for images. Each child is currently researching an Ancient Civilization of their choice. We have enjoyed using apps and websites such as Padlet and Popplet to help us work in groups with our research, and to help us share our learning with our classmates.

In Media Literacy, we are looking at advertising with posters. We have learned about some key elements such a title, use of colour, white space, carefully chosen images and how to choose the most important information to include. We are thinking about our audience, purpose and information when designing our posters. Each child will be creating a poster on a program called Comic Life, advertising a time travel vacation to an Ancient Civilization of their choice.


We are nearing the end of our Fractions unit. The last portion we will focus on is comparing fractions and decimals to the tenths place. We will also be putting fractions in order of size.

Next, we will learn about Transformational Geometry. We will learn how to read and use a grid, as well as, how to flip a shape on a grid.


We will soon begin our unit on Pulleys and Gears. We will learn how each works and how they make work easier. As with past units, the students will be using experiments and inquiry to learn and explore. Some students have already brought a shoe-box sized box to school to support this unit. If your child has not, please send one to school as soon as possible.

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Class Water Fight

Our class has reached their happy face goal of 120 happy faces!! The students are SUPER excited!

Weather permitting, we will have our water fight during the last block on Friday, June 3. The class and I have been discussing safety (e.g., wearing safety goggles) and other logistics that will help it run smoothly. Students can bring a water gun if they choose. However, we discussed that super soaker type water guns are not encouraged. A note will come home, before Friday, with more details.

Thank You

This has been such a fantastic year! I have enjoyed our class so much. Each and every one of the children in our class has brought such wonderful and unique characteristics to our classroom community. They were full of enthusiasm and drive for learning. It was truly my honour to teach your child this year. As our school year comes to an end, every single child will be greatly missed. Thank you for a wonderful year!


Mrs. B. Standish