The Huge Road Trip

Elijah Harkless

The events are a little hazy, shaky, or whatever you call it, but I'll try and tell y'all the story of when we DROVE from California to Texas.

It was four years ago. I remember my mom just had my little brother, so she, my cat, and Benjamin (my newborn brother at the time) we're leaving on a jet plane. I didn't know when we'd be back again. Oh man, I hated to go. We also had six weeks off of school. My family and I left California. It was me, Dad, Joe, Eva, and Nana and Papa.

For a couple hours, we drove past desert after desert. We stopped for the night at some hotel. We stopped for the night at some hotel. We went to Arizona and went to the Navajo reservation my dad was partially raised on. Then we went to a festival. It was fun! finally, my dad took us to the Grand Canyon. It was huge!!! Soon, we were back in the car and headed to New Mexico.

We went to Applebee's ,and finally, we were almost in Texas. We spent the night in La Quinta. The adventure was over. We were in Texas.

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