West Hills STEM Academy

January 2020


West Hills STEM Academy is dedicated to working with our community to serve the whole child, fostering the lifelong learner skills of persistence, confidence and readiness to thrive and contribute to society.

Life, Career and College Ready!

January & February Calendar

Jan. 15 - Family Night, gym, 5:00-6:30 p.m.

Jan. 20 - Martin Luther King Jr. Day - No School

Jan. 21 School Spirit Day - Griffin Spirit Day

Jan. 22 - School Spirit Day - Crazy Hat Day

Jan. 23 - School Spirit Day - Future/Career Day

Jan. 30 - Math Blast STEM at Mountain View Middle School, 6:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m.

Jan. 31 - Non- Student Day - No School

Feb. 12 - STEM Expo, 5:00-6:30, gym

Feb. 14 - .Possible Snow Make-Up Day

School Spirit Day - Red Day

Fe. 17 - President's Day - No School

West Hills 2020 Science Fair

Our first priority is helping our students meet the standards for NGSS and developing their love of science. To meet this, we will be shifting our focus from individual Science Fair projects, to Classroom group based Science and Engineering presentations.. The West Hills STEM Expo is February 12, 2020 from 5:00pm to 6:30pm. We invite families to come see all the hard work that students have been doing at WH and experience hands on activities from our community partners. If your student would still like to participate in an individual project and compete in the state science fair please contact Shayla Sharlow, shayla.sharlow@bremertonschools.org.

Tips to Support My Child's Learning with iReady

• Speak with your child about how using i-Ready will help them prepare for class work. Also explain that i-Ready will show teachers where your child is doing well and which topics need some more review.

• Encourage your child to take each lesson and quiz question seriously. Emphasize “thinking before clicking,” because just clicking through will not give teachers an accurate report of what your child knows.

• Encourage your child to use the tools that appear at the bottom of the screen in some lessons.

• Help your child identify and become familiar with the different parts of the student dashboard. For more about the student dashboard, see below.

• Track and celebrate your child’s progress. (Your child should aim for 45 minutes of i-Ready Instruction per subject per week and maintain a range of 30–49 minutes of Online Instruction while passing at least 70 percent of lessons. Your child’s school may have varying guidance.)

• Contact your child’s teacher about how often your child should practice at home, or with any other questions about i-Ready

Students of the Month for November

Our building focus for December was Cooperation. The following students were honored at the monthly Spirit Assembly:

Manny Scott

Taiyana Powell

Alezara Aguigui

Desti'nee Collins

Charlotte Dindlebeck

Avery Leaf

Emily Montgomery

Natica Hamlin

Kenny Najera

Nena Sandoval

Ryan Camacho

Dylan Garrett

Brodie Smith

Rilee Parker

Lucy Cao

Rossin Jarrett

Grace Kurns

Dominic Osborn

Peyton Diehl

Sydney Taylor

Casey Stephen

Impressive Attendance!

Every month we have a random drawing for those K-5 and 6-8 students who had PERFECT Attendance for the Month. In addition, the classroom with the HIGHEST average gets to have a stuffed GRIFFIN in their classroom for the month. Below are our honorees for the month of October.


Raelynn Long

Chloe Donohue

Luis Funez Ramos

Moriah Connelly


Mr. Murphy

Mrs. Tubberville

Mrs. Porter

Mrs. Bunch

Mrs. Smith

Congratulations to Our New Griffin Champs

Molly Voorhees
Adriel Tancinco

Serenity Hultberg

Elizabeth Cassey

Marielena Sandoval

Aaron Jones

Marcus Sharp

Amy Young

Madaline Moore

Uziel Cortes Gonzalez

Jaz' Murray Ungaro

Hailey Jones

Jayden McCalister

Deacon Beaver

Anibal Pablo Perez

Adrian Ndungu

Christian Gillo

Olivia Howlett

Jade Howlett

Edgar Calmo Pablo

Nyjah Levingston

Micheal Ortiz

Gio Harper

Maquanez Hill Asmond

Kaitlyn Hensley

Brandon Ramos Pablo

Eliana Stamey

Saya Cox

Anikin Naputi

Crosby Swanson

Johanna Gonzales-Pabon

Ana Mask

Allison Reyes Reyes

Lauren Eidsness

Brittany Gaspar Raymundo

Olivia Kastrup

Taylor Blackwood

Georgia Kibbe

Kaitlynn Anderson

Dahlia Luna- Armitage

Nataly Hoang

Lilyanne Brooks

Tristan Stenwick

Avery Leaf

Lillian Burnette

Jazmin Zamora Nava

Noelle Spayd-Sheppard

Aiyana Vorwerk

India Robinson

Jade Rainbow

Grace Kurns

Iris Mcquillian

Gage Turner

Flavio Maldonado

Natica Hamlin

Ophelia Redeen

Joshua Reynoso

Domingo Andres

Sydney Taylor

Kain Akhtari

Cristina Cruz Pablo

Ja'Leiah Turner

Conner Durham

Rilee Parker

Alma Rosa

Aiden Warren

Albert S.P Tagoai

Ruth Cruz

Derenic Byrd

Angel Tale

Gideon Schroeder

Emily Montgomery

Athena Rivera

Hudson Rempfer

Levi Thorsen

Kaylee Fredericks

Paisley Diehl

Brooklyn Ross

Oliver Ramos

Nevaeh Bios

Stella Sawyers

Maria Francisco Montejo

Anna Beaver

Lily Manzanares

Charlotte Fetterman

Jaxson Benitez

Brandon Montgomery

Kaylani Atoigue

Emmanuel Scott

Micaiah Powell

Estela Calmo Carrillo

Clara Shoup

Keily Matias Pablo Merling

Sarah Jean Anderson

Riya Hewitt

Madison Megill

Philip Algar

Brayden Evans

Chloe Donohue

Wendy Gonzalez Zacarias

Jaclyn Osborn

Angelina Sandoval

Hannah Gallimore

Christian Cruz Gaspar

Cadin Kurns

Reginald Galbraith

Phillip Hardy

Sophie Dean

Kihana Young

Victoria Calmo Calmo

Dakota Koregay

Family Access

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Family Access!

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  • check on lunch funds
  • check grades (Middle Level students)
  • receive e-flyers, including notice of PTA Events

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