Re-learning Reading

What a Journey

Five Moments of No-Way!! Learning

Literature Circles: The benefit of slowly taking away roles, being slightly flexible with text selection for some children but only for one round!

The Unique Morning Brain Exercises & Ways of Sharing Learnings: Snowball fight and three steps right three steps left are by far my favourite!

The full overview of the literacy block structure: an automated system that instills independence in children and fosters inquisitiveness and planning skills.

Guided Reading for Intermediate Students: The books with practical step by step as to how one can perfect every minute of their literacy block (book pictures shown below). The work is already done, why do trial and error when someone has already done that for us!

Focusing on the Overall Expectations: Quality over quantity. It's more useful for children to gain mastery of the concepts learned. My interpretation of this great advice is that it doesn't mean abandoning the specifics but they will be covered at a reasonable pace and giving the overalls due justice usually automatically ensures the specifics are being covered any way!

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Another Story Bookshop Trip

The trip to Another Story Bookshop really opened my eyes to how using rich classroom texts can make learning so much more meaningful for children. If the text is relevant and powerful, your job of motivating is cut out in half!

I Wish I Could Implement at Least 1/4th of What I Learned in this Course

Will Miss Coming Here Every Day

Awesome Helpful Caring Teachers Totally Beats No AC