Managing Difficult Emotions

Written by Rachael Mastrangelo


~Emotions can affect your attitude and behavior in ways that would upset you and the people around you.

~Strong emotions cause a conflict, these emotions often hide important issues that they disagree with.

There are many ways to handle strong emotions.

Keys Points to Handle Emotions

  • Be aware of your breathing
  • Take a short time to get yourself back together
  • Write your feelings in a private journal
  • Take care of yourself
  • Contact people that you are comfortable around to discuss your feelings with


Handling with Fear

~ People trying to overcome their fear is something they they need to work on all the time.

~You first have to know what you are scared of, then talking about it with a person you trust can give you a new image of your fear.

~ Some fear can be healthy and natural, but when it is irrational and uncontrollable than you should consider it a problem.

Dealing with Guilt

~ This emotion can be very destructive.

~ When you feel guilty about something, try to admit your mistake to the person you hurt.

~ Discussing the situation with your family and friends can also make you feel better.

~ Sometime the situation may not be in your control.

-But if you feel guilty about it anyway, than you should view the situation under circumstances in reality and honestly so it would help you see that you were not the one who did it and you should not be guilty.


~ This is one of the more difficult emotions to control,

~ Some strategies to control your anger are:

  • get some relaxation
  • focus on your goals
  • aviod words like "never" or "always"
  • get better communication
  • solves your problems
  • be humorous