Computer Elements

Hardware , Software ,Input & Output


Input is a device such as a mouse or a keyboard. The reason why I think this is because you would use the buttons of a keyboard and a mouse to access the apps or something on the computer screen


Output is a device such as a Printer or a Speaker. This is because when you turn on a video or a song that you would like to watch then the speakers will blow out the volume of your choice and as far as printers they will be connected to the computer and will print to your command what I mean by this is that you print out what you want to and it will come out of the printer.

Hardware and Software

Hardware & Software


Hardware is something such as a Keyboard,Mouse,Monitor and cables.Hardware is something you can physically touch

Graphics Card

Runs the computer speeds the games/internet and is similar to a sim card that goes int a phone


Software is something that you can not physically touch because they are apps that are within the computer

Operating Software

without a operating system you would not be able to even start a computer.

some of the operating systems are

Window / Apple / Android

Computer elements

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Ram and Rom

something that keeps the data running in the computer

Power Supply

Runs on electricity and then charges /battery from the main plug
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It stores all of the data in the computer and if you didn't have that then you work will just flow out in the same way a paper flows out of a printer