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DOT DAY is Monday September 15th!

I have celebrated Dot Day for the past 5 years and after meeting and hanging out with Peter Reynolds (author of The Dot) and his twin brother Paul Reynolds (who runs their educational software and creation company Fablevision) this summer I can say I am even MORE excited to celebrate DOT Day this year and inspire CREATIVITY and WONDER in our students!

How can YOU celebrate Dot Day?

Starting on 9/2 Storytime for grades K-2 will be all about DOT day - we will be making our own dots to share with our school and also share with other students.

SKYPE with another class - because of Cogat testing the week of Dot day we will not have as much time to Skype with other classes - BUT if you would like your class to skype with another class to exchange dots - share how your class can be creative or even just share the Dot story with another class let me know and I will try and connect you to another class!

For grades 3-5 - I want YOU to participate too!! Have your class make DOTs - have your class COLLABORATE on a DOT - even collaborate on a dot online or create a Dot and have the students share on a Padlet what it means to be creative and think outside the box. and again - if you would like to connect with another class let me know and I will try my hardest to find a time and a class to connect with.

and don't forget - WEAR DOTS on DOT DAY - WAIT until you see Cyndy Palmers SHOES for DOT DAY!!

Story Time

Here is what I have planned for upcoming story times. If you teach grades 3-5 and want to participate in one of these, let me know and we can tailor it to your grade level.

Weeks of September 1 & 8th
- K, 1st & 2nd

Dot Day preparation - we will read The Dot and Going Places both by Peter Reynolds and we will create DOTS.

**CHANGE** Weeks of September 15th & 22nd K, 1st & 2nd Don't Let the Crayons Quit!

We will read The Day the Crayons Quit by drew Daywalt and do different writing activities per grade level to convince the crayons not to quit!

Weeks of September 29th & Oct 6th Shark Week K, 1st & 2nd

We will read Nugget & Fang and share some non-fiction text about sharks.

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Have you seen our new Tinker Lab? ..................... Ask me about it!

Lets Connect and Collaborate!!

I want to help YOU connect your students to books and research and learning to ASK the right questions. Lets collaborate this year on a research project or teaching your kids to learn how to ask the RIGHT questions for a project. Lets connect your students with some FABULOUS new books - lets do a book "tasting" next time you come into the media center to check out. Let teach your kids to us Destiny to find their level books and how to use it on their device!

Email me, stop me in the hall or invite me to your next grade level meeting and we can start the connection!

Think about Reading

Here are some articles/ blog posts I have found recently about reading and the elementary classroom.

Racing, Striving, Accelerating, Winning, Yada, Yada. And Reading.

No More Language Arts & Crafts by Donalyn Miller

Readers Rally 2014-15

Donna Hargrave and I will be coaching a readers rally team for 5th graders this year. We will meet with students during 5th grade lunch time on Thursday and then we will meet after school two times a month. We will begin lunch meetings on Thursday, September 4th. Our after school meetings will be:

Oct 8th & 22nd

Nov 5th & 19th

Dec 3rd

We are excited to get students involved and get them reading some great books.