No Teacher Left Behind


Keeping Teachers Abreast

The questions to ask is are teachers being left behind when it comes to them learning about new techniques, and strategies? According to my good friend that has taught in both the Fort Worth ISD, and Houston ISD teachers are afforded the opportunity to stay abreast of the new techniques, and strategies. In order to renew their teaching certificate they have to have a specific number of clock hours of continuing professional education. This is done through teachers attending seminars or professional conventions.

The Problem

Now the problem with this is school can’t afford to send all the teachers to thee seminars and conventions. They send their top educators and then have them come back and educate others. I do not think that this is sufficient to ensure that ALL teachers receive new techniques and strategies that a teacher needs.

The Solution

Now in order to solve this dilemma I think that if ISTE could get out to all the school throughout America and teach not only to the standards but also teach the new techniques and strategies. If this organization were to take their information to the schools and teachers and create a curriculum and testing system that can be administered to that ensures each teacher passes and meets the ISTE Standards for Teachers as a part of their teaching recertification process. If we were to implement this method we would be able to kill two birds with one stone. This will ensure that our teachers are within the ISTE Standards, and that they learning new techniques and strategies.