Deans' Council Update

Butler Online Department

February 2016

Canvas Essentials/SALSA Stats

Of 583 instructors teaching for Butler this Spring 2016 semester, all but 35 have completed Canvas training. Seventeen of those 35 were hired after November 1.

93% of all Spring 2016 courses have a published SALSA syllabus.

Please Provide Guidance for the Future

1. How long do you wish to allow new instructors to complete Canvas Essentials?
  • eight weeks?
  • full semester?

2. Are concurrent instructors required to complete Canvas Essentials?

  • use the Canvas gradebook?
  • provide syllabus in Canvas?

3. May we import an experienced instructor's syllabus into new instructor's course?

Updates to WebE Training (Canvas Essentials)

Introductory Module

  • Removed the Intro video

  • Simplified "Connecting to Canvas" page, combined with "Internet Browser" information

Tabbed content on "Customizing your Course" page to better organize information

  • Streamlined "Getting Help in Canvas" page

Compressed information on "Keys to Successful Completion" page and created the following tabs to enhance navigation

  • required items
  • course assignments
  • check your progress

Eliminated 4 Course Assignments

Removed all (2) Quizzes

Removed entire Module 4 dealing with using modules in Canvas

Removed assignment and eliminated extraneous information in "Conversation & Announcements"

Removed or simplified 32 pages of valuable but not essential information

Canvas Essentials Course (Updated January 2016)

Introduction to Canvas

  • Keys to Successful Completion
  • Instructor/Student Access to Canvas

Module 1: Navigating Canvas

  • Using the Dashboard
  • Getting Help in Canvas
  • Customizing Your Account

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  • Module 1: Customize Your Profile & Notifications

Module 2: Communicating in Canvas

  • Why communication matters in Canvas
  • Conversations & Announcements

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  • Module 2: Communicate with Your Students

Module 3: Your Homepage

  • Your Homepage
  • Quizlet: A Refresher on Keyboard Shortcuts
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  • Module 3: Edit Your Homepage

Module 4: Your Gradebook

  • Creating assignments
  • Grading and Feedback

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  • Module 4: Create Your Gradebook

Module 5: Your Syllabus

  • About the Syllabus Tool

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  • Module 5: Build Your Syllabus

Module 6: Maintaining Your Courses

  • Managing course grades
  • Preparing for the new semester
  • Copying a Course in Canvas
Complete these tasks
  • Link your SALSA syllabus
  • Import your course content


Your Final Assignment

  • Course Evaluation

New and Exciting Workshops

The Butler Online Team is busily creating workshops for presentation in the Spring 2016 semester. The workshops will be offered on a variety of days and will also be available for online completion. Some of the topics include:

  • Discussion Strategies
  • Canvas Calendar and Scheduler
  • Online Strategies for Retention
  • Through the Learning Glass
  • Gamify your Canvas Course
  • Basic HTML Coding for Instructors
  • Annotating Videos and Websites
  • Projecting Presence in the Online Environment
  • Importing Content and using the Commons

Add the Butler Online Calendar to your Outlook Calendar

We have created a Butler Online calendar to put important dates for the semester, workshop dates, etc. at your fingertips. Currently, we have added the SALSA/Canvas Open Labs schedule, several spring workshops and important dates for January. We will continue to add to the calendar throughout the semester.

Follow the instructions at to add the Butler Online calendar to your Outlook account. Of course, you will choose to share the Butler Online calendar rather than the Learning calendar that is listed in the instructions.