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welcome to the latest in 2016!

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In this update you will find information about:

  • New DSIL photos!
  • Call for your updates!
  • Call for Outreach Team
  • Reminder- Social Impact Journey
  • Reminder- UX Feedback Survey
  • Reminder- Join DSIL POP UPS!

If you have any questions please email team@dsilglobal.com


Check out the digital album by Studio DíLITT here that captures moments from the field

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What have you been up to? Share the updates with our growing community

Email us to update your info for the alumni.dsilglobal.com page. Maybe it's a new promotion, organizational kick-off or call for action. Email team@dsilglobal.com (subject line: "2016 updates" with your latest and greatest!

We launch April 1st- join the strategic outreach team!

Call for the outreach team - let us know by March 30!

We are excited to start the 2016 application season soon. Do you have a knack for marketing? love telling stories or sharing the word across your networks in general? Please email us - team@dsilglobal.com - if you would like to be officially involved in recruiting the next round of participants!

See where we are going this year here!

2015 ALUMS - PLEASE Finish Post-Course Survey BY march 30!

We are striving to measure the impact of the DSIL programs, starting with the Virtual Classroom and continuing with the field immersions across Southeast Asia that many of you experienced last year! If you remember- we started this process with Pre-Course Survey, continued with Program Evaluations and we are wrapping it all together with a final impact driven survey. Your name stays anonymous, and your feedback is a gift.

This survey should take no longer 10-15 minutes! Thank you to everyone who has already submitted!

Thanks once more to Alex Shoemann, DSIL 2014 consultant at Deloitte, for leading this process. We are also excited to have the support of Sarah Stamatiou, DSIL 2015 consultant with Impact Hub, join the team for the next phase around the corner.

Please complete by March 30th!

We would love your feedback before 2016 applications launch

We are currently soft launching our 2016 application season and have been updating our website and marketing. Please take a look at the updated pages and application and let us know what we an do to improve the UX! We officially launch applications April 1st.

A big thank you to Claudia Sosa, DSIL 2015, for offering detailed and technical feedback that has helped guide our iterations up to this point.

Let us know your feedback here before March 30!


We've been in touch with some of you about running a weekend POP-UP in your local community. Let us know if you are interested and we will help support. We are kicking off in Bangkok now- see what it looks like at popup.dsilglobal.com

What it is:

  • DSIL pop up is a mini event - open to focus and customization- that is run by the DSIL Course Team, alumni and collaboration guests around the world.

How it works:
  • Pop-ups blend hands-on design workshops, dialogues with expert field practitioners on a variety of subjects and intentional and facilitated networking. Pop-ups can be half or full day events, yet always include an introduction of DSIL as described here - expressed through storytelling- and with an interactive aspect focused on the social innovation curriculum of DSIL.

Get Involved! We are excited to announce that Tamara Johnson, DSIL Alum 2014, is joining as the 'Global Pop-Up Driver'. Email Tamara to get started! Thanks to the following alums for joining the conversation - Sankalita Shome, Aaaron Wong, Pricila Martinez, Virginia Campo, Sem Carree, Stephanie Rivera, Genevieve Liza and Dana Shashaa!

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